BIM & Digital engineering: design

Overview: The process from inception through to the start of construction hold significant opportunities for digital processes that facilitate faster and more accurate design stage work, including employer considerations and early stage calculations. Today as deadlines are compressed nearly as much as margins are, designers need to be leaner and quicker, but with at least the same level of accuracy and depth of thought. Digital processes can offer the space to think and the efficiency to maintain margins, if we do it well. This stream sets out to show what good looks like and generates some thoughts of how this can be extrapolated to all projects and work stages for the designers.


14:00 - 14:45

TF1 The employer shall…

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  • Martin Howe Head of Digital Engineering - Crown House Technologies
  • Carl Collins Digital Engineering Consultant - CIBSE
15:30 - 15:45

Break & exhibition visit

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15:45 - 16:30

TF3 Automated Concept Design

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