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The Synergy Theatre



Retrofit Revisit: How Do Past Retrofits Perform? What Can We Learn From Them?

05 Dec 2023
The Synergy Theatre

This session will provide an overview of the recently completed Retrofit Revisit project, supported by Historic England and CIBSE and co-led by Studio PDP and CIBSE. The project applied a range of building performance evaluation techniques to 10 homes which had been subject to a deep retrofit over the past 10 years. What is their energy performance? Has airtightness or insulation degraded? Are residents satisfied and comfortable?

Do come along to learn about the findings and contribute to a Q&A, with topics including:

• an overview of the 10 case studies, techniques applied and key findings (Marion Baeli, Studio PDP & Julie Godefroy, CIBSE)
• the building fabric testing techniques applied, including blower door and low pressure pulse airtightness testing, Smart HTC and Mould Risk indicator (Luke Smith, BTS)
• a more focused look at fabric moisture, including modelling and on-site testing (Toby Cambray, UCL)
• findings at Blaise Castle Estate, one of the 10 case studies (Ian Mawditt, Four Walls)

Julie Godefroy, Head of Net Zero - CIBSE
Marion Baeli - Studio PDP
Luke Smith - BTS
Toby Cambray - UCL
Ian Mawditt - Four Walls Consultants