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The Synergy Theatre



Advances in urban digital planning and modelling for climate resilient, healthier urban areas and buildings

06 Dec 2023
The Synergy Theatre
Cities are having to take urgent action to tackle air quality and the climate crisis.  Built environment practitioners and scientists are working to devise solutions and measures to improve air quality, and create greener, healthier, more resilient cities.  To ensure maximum benefit is obtained and to prevent unintended consequences, it is crucial such activities are underpinned by a robust and up-to date understanding of the urban microclimate.

In this session you will hear about the state of knowledge of urban microclimate in relation to urban environmental quality.  You will discover where the frontiers of science are, what is known, where the gaps are.  You will be invited to participate in the session, contributing your expertise into forthcoming guidance and there will be a chance to pledge support and be on the first alert for launch of the initial guidance focused on modelling of urban vegetation systems, expected by Summer 2024.

UKUEQ is primarily interested in the relationship between the urban wind, thermal and air quality environments. It is a working group of the CIBSE Resilient Cities Group and the UK Wind Engineering Society, associated with the Institution of Civil Engineers, and is hosted by CIBSE.
A key aim of the group is to generate and promote best available technologies and design practices leading to better understanding of and designs for the urban environment in UK cities. It is primarily focused on computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques within a performance-led approach and how it interfaces with other software types and design methods. Currently there are four activity streams covering urban vegetation, wind, thermal comfort and air quality.
Briony Turner, Resilient Cities Group and Knowledge Generation Panel Vice Chair
Rubina Ramponi - Arup
Gerald Mills - University College Dublin
Stefano Cammelli - WSP
Bernardo Vazquez - Buro Happold
Julie Futcher - Curator of the Urban Climate Walk
George Adams, Engineering Director - Dalkia
Darren Woolf, Head of Building Physics / Visiting Professor - Wirth Research / Loughborough University
Ben Marner, Director of Air Quality Modelling & Assessment - Air Quality Consultants Ltd.