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Shading for housing: Designing for a changing climate

06 Dec 2023
The Synergy Theatre
By the middle of the 2030s, 90% of the UK housing stock will suffer from overheating. Today however, shading devices – or products – for all kinds of buildings, but housing especially, are rarely made integral at design stage. In short, sunlight control is too often a tacked-on afterthought.

Join Pollard Thomas Edwards to find out more about an important new design guide on shading for housing, commissioned by Good Homes Alliance and British Blind and Shutter Association. The purpose of this guide is to embed a new culture – among building makers of all stripes – in which shading is central to a building’s design and built-in from the start. It is anchored by a detailed study of the best design-led shading products that architects can specify today.

Joseba Perez de Larraya Sola - Pollard Thomas Edwards
Kai Salman-Lord - Max Fordham