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Pratima Washan

Pratima Washan

Associate Director, Sustainable Development Group, AECOM
Pratima has over twenty years' experience in sustainable energy policy and research, and low energy design advice. She has worked with both national and local governments to develop the evidence base for sustainable energy initiatives and climate change policies in the building sector. Pratima led a two year research for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local government on overheating risk in new dwellings and associated cost-benefit analysis to help inform future policy direction. She is a member of the technical team supporting the English and Welsh governments in developing the revised versions of Part L of the Building Regulations. She was also the technical lead for the 2018 update to Part L of the Irish Building Regulations for dwellings and subsequently led a study to understand the overheating risk in new dwellings built to the new NZEB standard. Earlier this year, Pratima co-authored the report for the Committee on Climate Change on the cost and benefits of tighter standards for new buildings that underpinned CCC’s recommendations to the government on the future of UK housing. She studied architecture and has a Masters in Environmental Design and Engineering from UCL.