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Nick Troth

Nick Troth

Chartered Fire Engineer, Arup
Is a Chartered Fire Engineer, with 29 years experience in fire safety and a highly experienced fire engineering consultant. Nick is experienced in delivering fire strategies and fire engineering advice on a wide range of building and infrastructure projects, both within the UK and abroad. Nick is also responsible for the provision of technical expertise to clients on the fire safety condition of existing buildings. At Arup Nick's leads several teams delivering some of their largest fire safety engineering commissions. His background and knowledge enable him to deliver solutions that are both pragmatic and buildable. His commercial experience ranges from delivering fire strategies on complex buildings and facilities and is highly experienced in building inspections. Nick's original background was in Building Surveying where he developed an expertise in fire safety in buildings, which progressed to fire engineering. Nick was responsible for authoring Chapter 2 of the CiBSE Guide E on Fire Engineering, which deals with Fire Safety Legislation and the role of the Fire Safety Engineer.