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Nick Hopper

Nick Hopper

Technical Director, Monodraught Ltd
Monodraught design, manufacture, install and maintain natural ventilation, natural lighting and natural cooling systems to create low energy, low carbon and sustainable buildings for healthier and more productive occupants. Nick Hopper serves as Technical Director for Monodraught and is responsible for so many of Monodraught’s new innovations. He leads the in-house Research and Development team as well as liaising with Universities and Technical Committees. Having spent over twenty years in the energy-efficient technology business, Nick has great insight into the viability of innovative products. He is a named inventor on numerous low energy building product patents. covering technologies for enhanced natural ventilation solutions, natural daylighting solutions and optimized phase change material systems. Research within Monodraught on ‘Phase-Change Material (PCM) Thermal Stores’ began over ten years ago and has been supported by a number of institutes :- University of Nottingham, The Carbon Trust and University College London.