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Dr Laetitia Mottet

Dr Laetitia Mottet

Post-doc Research Associate, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London
Dr Laetitia Mottet is a post-doc research associate working at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge since 2016. She worked during two years and half at the University of Cambridge, in the Architecture department, for the EPSRC Low Carbon Climate-Responsive Heating and Cooling of Cities (LoHCool) project with Prof. Alan Short. The LoHCool project aims to advice on adaptive and passive schemes using natural ventilation on existing buildings located in hot summer and cold winter region in China to answer the challenge of low carbon future. Dr Mottet was in charge of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) aspect of the project and investigated the outdoor and indoor motions of the air to quantify the efficiency of the adaptive solutions proposed in the context of the project. Since 2016, Dr Mottet is also working on the EPSRC MAGIC project and is in charge of performing CFD simulations at the city, borough and building scale. The aims of MAGIC is to connect different areas of expertise (laboratory experimental, field measurement, architecture, data assimilation, reduced order model, traffic modelling, building energy consumption...) to propose a final tool, based on numerical simulations, able to assist architectural design and/or urban planning choices in terms of natural ventilation efficiency.