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Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev

Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev

Doctoral Researcher, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering
Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev is a doctoral researcher at UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering. His work covers the relationship between indoor air quality, ventilation strategies and the energy performance of buildings. His thesis explores emissions (VOCs) from construction products and aims to provide a better understanding of retrofitted indoor environments. Dzhordzhio is a Chartered Engineer, qualified Low Carbon Consultant with CIBSE and accredited Passivhaus Designer. Prior to his doctoral programme, he led an energy division at an independent consultancy advising design teams on energy efficiency, sustainability and building performance. He is proactive in developing guidance for indoor air quality as a committee member of the CIBSE Air Quality Group, CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group, the UK Indoor Environment Group and UK board member of the ASTM D22.05 Committee on Indoor Air Quality.