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Darren Woolf

Darren Woolf

Head of Building Physics / Visiting Professor, Wirth Research / Loughborough University

Darren is Chair of CIBSE Building Simulation Group, Head of Building Physics at Wirth Research and a Visiting Professor in the Building Energy Research Group at Loughborough University. He has supported the delivery of building physics solutions on UK and international projects across most market sectors for over 25 years and has a keen interest in understanding and optimizing the performance of natural and mechanical systems working with the building envelope to provide high quality, low energy environments. He has co-authored CIBSE’s Guide A, AM11 ‘Building Performance Modelling’ and TM69 ‘Dynamic Thermal Modelling of Basic Blinds’. Recently he founded and is Chair of ‘UK Urban Environmental Quality’ knowledge generation group which is a partnership between CIBSE Resilient Cities Group and UK Wind Engineering Society.