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Bob Bohannon

Bob Bohannon

Head of Policy and Academy, Lighting Industry Association

Bob has thirty-five years of experience designing and delivering lighting schemes ranging up to the scale of London's Royal Albert Hall, and St Pancras Station. Bob is a leading member of the UK lighting community as past President of the Society of Light and Lighting.

Bob combines lighting, technical, policy and sustainability skills, his lighting design and project management skills helped deliver many major projects such as Heathrow T5, Dublin Airport T2, Portsmouth Spinnaker Mast and the new western concourse at London's Kings Cross station. He was co-designer for the Iron Bridge at Shropshire, which recently won both a Lux Award and a [d]arc award and was the lighting designer for White Hart Lane Station, Tottenham, which won an IES Award of Merit in 2021.

A strong believer in both Environmental and Corporate Social responsibility, he is committed to reduce the environmental impact of his activities for the sake of generations to follow. Bob is a part of the BSI Circular Economy in the Construction Sector committee and is leading the team writing the CIBSE/SLL Technical Memorandum TM66 Circular Economy & Circular Economy Assessment Method (CEAM), which recently won both Platinum and Green at the Build Back Better Awards.