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Ben Marner

Ben Marner

Director of Air Quality Modelling & Assessment , Air Quality Consultants Ltd.

Ben is the Director of Air Quality Modelling & Assessment with Air Quality Consultants Ltd.  He has been responsible for a large number of air quality assessments in the UK and abroad.  He has also helped to shape industry best practices, through contributing to national air quality guidance and developing widely used modelling tools.

He has led air quality modelling studies covering a variety of spatial scales, from small residential developments to large infrastructure schemes and from small Local Air Quality Management studies to large Clean Air Zone feasibility assessments.  He has provided public inquiry expert witness services, as well as support and advice to Defra, DLUHC, National Highways, the Environment Agency, Greater London Authority, Transport Scotland, Transport for London, the Government of the Netherlands, Government of South Africa, and numerous UK local authorities.  He has also advised Defra’s Chief Scientific Adviser and the UK Chief Medical Officer on air quality issues. 

He has been a member of Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group since 2016 where his specific area of interest relates to air quality assessment in the development control process.  He has contributed to diverse workstreams, including assessing effects of interventions on air quality, emissions from road transport, and impacts of net zero pathways on future air quality.