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Antonietta Canta

Antonietta Canta


Antonietta is a creative individual with a multidisciplinary background driven to achieving high efficiency and low impact solutions through integrated design. She is an experienced design leader and project manager in Arup London Buildings department and a Passive House Certified Designer.

In over 10 years of experience in Energy, Sustainability and Architecture, she has led energy strategies for mixed-use developments and single buildings, thermal comfort studies and low carbon strategies for residential and non-residential buildings and the development of decarbonisation strategies for existing buildings, with a focus on design optimisation to conciliate energy efficiency with comfort and whole life carbon savings. She has led the report for the Climate Change Committee on overheating in exiting UK homes which highlights the importance of a holistic approach to retrofit both from a design and policy-making perspective and sheds light on the criticalities of current overheating criteria when applied to the housing stock.

She is a keen promoter of cross-sector collaboration to address the challenges that the built environment is facing in relation to climate change and sustainable development.