Russell Smith

Estates Manager
University of Bradford

The estates team at the University of Bradford is led by Russell Smith who is a mechanical engineer by profession but over the years has developed his expertise. During his tenure at the University of Bradford, Russell has progressed from managing the engineering teams to managing all aspects of the physical estate. He has developed an expertise in sustainable construction and carbon management and delivered a number of BREEAM buildings. As the Estate Manager, Russell oversees the delivery of building and engineering projects and the maintenance service to the University and is charged with operating a cost effective service to support the University activities.

The team is responsible for delivering a wide range of services to support the University’s built environment to allow the University to deliver high-quality teaching and research. The service the team delivers is diverse and wide-ranging and often technically challenging. This ranges from multi-million-pound capital work as well as minor works schemes. On top of this, mechanical, electrical and building maintenance, legal compliance, utility management and supporting Ecoversity occur through the strands of the team’s activity.

The team is set up into two delivery teams: Building and Engineering. These two teams and are individually managed by the respective team leaders who report to and support the Estate Manager in delivering a holistic and integrated service

Russell Smith will be speaking at:

WJ1 The importance of facilities management: what can the outcomes mean to building owners & occupiers?

22/11/2017 14:00 - 14:25

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