Dhan Tagie

Technical Director

Dan Tagie is Technical Director for the Cities & Communities Sector and responsible for providing technical support and assurance across contracts. Dhan leads a team of Authorising Engineers in High Voltage, Low Voltage, Pressure Systems, Lift and Lifting Equipment, Water Systems and Gas to ensure that staff working in the sector are competent and appointed in specific areas of work. He is also responsible for Planned Maintenance, Statutory compliance, Energy, to provision of Forward Maintenance Registers (FMR) and life cycle reports. Dan has worked in Healthcare, Education, Broadcasting, Communications, Energy generation, Retail industries and Local Authorities and has 30 years of professional Engineering and Management experience. Dhan is also Technical Lead for Engie Cities & Communities Sector, steering group member for Engineering Excellence and represents Engie at Group level on BIM (FM)

Dhan Tagie will be speaking at:

WF3 Digital Facility Management

22/11/2017 15:45 - 16:30

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