Speaker Resource Page

We are excited that you will be speaking at Build2Perform Live. Provided below is useful information about your speaking duties and role in the event.

Speaker biographical and session information will be available soon. Please let us know if would like to amend any of the information by emailing Michelle Michelucci

Presentation guidelines

We are aiming for a pacey, dynamic feel for the conference, please use your slides as an opportunity to frame your speech – more visuals and fewer words create a bigger impact.

  • Deadline for presentations is 27 October 2017 and should be sent to Michelle Michelucci. For presentations over 7MB send via
  • 16:9 screen size ratio for presentations.
  • If you’d like to use the CIBSE branded conference slides then please download them here.
  • Please bring a back-up copy of your presentation on a memory stick on the day.
  • When preparing your presentation please consider commenting on how they can implement what they have learnt. ie if you could inspire delegates to do one thing differently after attending your presentation, what would that be?

Registration and Badges:

There is no need to register to attend the event, we will do that on your behalf. Your badge will clearly show ‘Speaker’ and will be pre-printed ready for you to collect from registration. Please let the team on the registration desk know that you are a speaker so that they can find your details more easily and instruct you further.

On the day:

If you have any issues on the day and need to contact us please call 07801 064180.  This will put you through to Michelle at Step Place Events, our event organiser, who will inform the chair of your session.

Please arrive at 9:00 for morning or 1:00 pm for afternoon stream on the day of your session.  We will have a place for you to meet with the other members of your stream and have a hot drink and a snack. This also provides us with time to make sure everything is working for you, for you to meet the chair of your session, fellow speakers and the onsite technician for assistance and presentation changes.

As a speaker, you are invited and encouraged to attend the full two-day event. We hope you will find it inspiring and take the opportunity to network with delegates, speakers and exhibitors over the lunch and coffee breaks. Speakers are quite popular, and the breaks provide an opportunity for attendees to ask you a question or two.

20 Minutes before your stream:

Please go to your assigned Theatre 20 minutes before your STREAM starts.  We will test your microphone and make sure everything you need is working. We will need you to be present from the start of your STREAM as there are no breaks in between sessions.

Social media

Our marketing team are currently promoting your session on Twitter and LinkedIn. To see these tweets and posts please follow @CIBSE and #Build2Perform or join our CIBSE LinkedIn Group.

Slide sharing permission form

We would like to share your presentation with delegates after the event – this will be done via a link sent out after the event, all presentations will be saved in pdf format, and only shared with your permission.  To give your permission, please complete the very short form that can be found HERE.

Thank you

We appreciate that you are busy and want to thank you for taking your time to support CIBSE and Better Building Performance.

If you have any questions or need any help then please contact Michelle Michelucci.