TL3 Efficient Heat Network Design and overcoming common network – By Altecnic

16:35 - 17:20

The presentation is a guide to important factors in the design of heat networks with instantaneous DHW heat interface units. It covers the benefits of instantaneous HIU’s on heat networks and network design considerations. The importance of low return temperatures and wide delta T’s and how these benefit various energy sources form gas boilers through heat pumps, CHP and solar thermal. The presentation details how to design a system to achieve low return temperatures, including bypass location and control, important and often overlooked system design points, plant-room pump control and how HIU’s assist in achieving low return temperatures. The presentation then looks at common heat network problems and how the latest generation of intelligent electronic HIU’s can assist in overcoming these problems. The presentation looks at the difference between direct and indirect HIU’s and the system design relevant to each type. Graphical data from actual operating heat networks are reviewed and lastly we look at system sizing, from the apartment level back to the plant-room including pipework, boilers, thermal stores and typical operating temperatures and flow rates.



  • Neil Parry National Specification Manager - Altecnic


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