WM5 Blockchain 101

16:15 - 16:30


Blockchain is set to be the next big disrupter in most sectors and construction could be one of the major winners. Banks are investing billions of pounds in this technology, find out why and what this means for construction. Most people are aware of Bitcoin, find out about the technology that underlies it; Blockchain.

Find out how blockchain works in simple terms, discover “trustless peer to peer networks”, “smart contracts” and “distributed ledgers” and how they can be used to design, procure, construct and operate building projects. Reduce delays and eliminate retentions with this new approach to construction projects. Find out how the Internet of Things (IoT) is connected to blockchain to enhance efficiency and automate payments.

Very few people understand this emerging technology. Be ahead of the game and find out how your market sector could be impacted in the next few years.

  • Introduction to blockchain technology: how does it work and how does it relate to crypto-currency?
  • What does blockchain technology mean for construction?
  • How does blockchain enable smart contracting based on performance?
  • What does a simple worked example of blockchain in a construction contract look like?





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