TP1 What skills do we need to improve building performance?

09:15 - 09:55

What skills do we need to really improve building performance?

The question:
What skills do we need to improve building performance?

Discussions about the causes of poor building performance continue, and occasionally an issue like energy modelling/building simulation or soft landings raises its head and get the blame. Can the problem be solved with the right skills and collaboration between sectors and organisations? What skills are needed and how do we make sure everyone has access to the right skills and at the right time?


  • What does your organisation think the most important skills are for achieving outstanding building performance?
  •  Do we just need to do the basics right? Do we know what the basics are and what impact they that might have?
  • Where are we short of particular skills?
  • Are cross-discipline courses the answer or are we diluting our skills?
  • Is digital the answer or does it compound the problem?





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