WM1 Battery technology

14:00 - 14:30

This session examines the options around battery storage and interconnectivity. It looks at approaches to integrating battery technology into buildings, and showcases Europe’s biggest community battery.

Integrating battery technology

  • where does battery storage fit in the wider procurement of energy?
  • approaches to integrating battery technology into building design

Community energy case study at Trent Basin

  • Nottingham’s Trent Basin Community Energy Case Study
  • Europe’s largest community energy battery
  • Supplying locally generated heat and electricity to homes and commercial buildings
  • Local thermal energy production, distribution and storage
  • Novel consumer engagement tools
  • Business model development – testing the business model templates that could be used by any developers of large scale housing projects

Speaker: Professor Mark Gillott, Professor of Sustainable Building Design, University of Nottingham






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