SDE Hall of fame

Tuesday 21 November 2017
18:00 – 19:00
Headline Theatre

The Society of Digital Engineering (SDE) is the latest offering for CIBSE’s digital community. CIBSE has taken the lead in developing support, guidance and specific tools for digital engineers. These developments include the BIMHawk online tool, produced with NG Bailey, to automate the transfer of Product Data Templates into BIM platforms; as well as an expanding training portfolio concentrating on the real-world application of digital technologies and workflows

The SDE was launched with the full support and collaboration of many of the industry’s leading players.  Those who have explicitly lent their support to the initiative include N G Bailey, Atelier Ten, Atkins, Buro Happold, Hilson Moran, Arup, Autodesk, IES, Legrand, MagiCAD, Shindler, Trimble, and Trox.

Please join us to celebrate the dedicated group of leaders and volunteers who have guided and informed CIBSE’s digital journey and be the first to be honoured in the SDE Digital Hall of Fame.