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CIBSE Building Simulation Awards

05 Dec 2023
The Influence Theatre

CIBSE Building Simulation Group (BSG) are hosting the CIBSE Building Simulation Award and the CIBSE Building Simulation Young Modeller Award at this year’s Build2Perform event at London, Excel. 

The main event will showcase all of the shortlisted entries via short presentations demonstrating excellent technical application of building performance modelling principles. A judging panel will assess the presentations from which an overall winner will be announced along with the winner of the showcase event for future modelling talent. 

While the judging panel deliberates, CIBSE BSG Chair Prof Darren Woolf (Wirth Research/ Loughborough University) will chair this year’s panel session with the participation of our sponsors – Design Builder, EDSL, IES and Monodraught. Our sponsors will discuss their most recent software innovations and provide insights into the exciting new features on the horizon that will help the industry navigate towards our vision 2050. 

Judging Panel 

Vasiliki Kourgiozou, Group Secretary CIBSE BSG – Buro Happold  

Baran Tanriverdi, member of committee – Mott MacDonald 


Darren Woolf, CIBSE BSG Chair Prof – Wirth Research/ Loughborough University 

Design Builder, EDSL, IES and Monodraught 

Darren Woolf, Head of Building Physics / Visiting Professor - Wirth Research / Loughborough University
Baran Tanriverdi, Associate Building Physics Engineer - Mott MacDonald
Vasiliki Kourgiozou, Associate Energy Engineer - Buro Happold
Gabriela Costa, Associate Sustainability Consultant
Rokia Raslan, Professor in Built Environment Decarbonisation at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (UCL IEDE)