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YGHP Indirect HIU

YGHP Stand: 120

The YGHP Heat Interface Units ( HIU ) offer stable high performance at an affordable price.

YGHP HIU’s offer the very best in terms performance, longevity and price. The YGHP HIU offering is the ultimate package for designer, installer and consumer.

A standard 5 year warranty which is extended to 7 when YGHP commission. When tested to the UK HIU regime it was found to be best in class for DHW response times along with a very impressive 29 VWART. However when individually tested to site specific requirements an indirect model delivered even greater results.

HIU’s from YGHP are the efficient high performing range in the UK with over 150,000 supplied and working throughout Europe.

  • BESA tested model available with an impressive 29 vwart and quickest DHW response time of any HIU.

  • WRAS approved components.

  • Dual differential pressure control valve that offers stable and continuous supply of heating and hot water.

  • Latest SWEP plate heat exchanger offering exceptional performance.

  • Water arrestor to avoid noise, vibration and water hammer in the system.

  • EPP thermal casing to ensure minimum heat losses and maximum heat efficiency.

  • DHW thermostatic control valves offer the most accurate and effective temperature control. The sensor is within the PHE, making this an instant response product. The thermostatic valves are optimised for minimal idle consumption.

  • Heating thermostatic control valves ensures an accurate temperature across all heating circuits or underfloor heating manifolds.