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Fujitsu General Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd Stand: 518
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  • Ventilation
Ventilation Ventilation

Air handling applications for the AIRSTAGE™ VRF system is the Fujitsu solution to the most demanding installations, where energy efficiency meets with the highest comfort.

The system is composed of VRF AIRSTAGE™ outdoor units from 10 to 54 HP and  Air handling unit for commercial and industrial buildings for thermo-ventilation and air conditioning purposes, covering air flow ranges from 4,300 to 18,100 m3/h and cooling capacities from 25 to 96 kW.

Fujitsu air handling units offer full comfort and air quality in buildings, providing clean treated air thanks to the advanced filtration and balanced temperature.

The system is simple to design and install. No additional external kit is required as the Air Handling Unit includes DX-kit (Expansion valve and control PCB). AHU model selection is easy by using Fujitsu’s Selection Software.

Integrating an Air Handling Unit into the total building climate system simplifies both design and installation procedures based on a single common technology. From project follow-up to installation, commissioning and maintenance, all procedures are simplified.

In addition, Fujitsu can offer a range of energy recovery ventilator units as well as interfaces to connect both split and VRF condensing units to other manufacturers AHU’s.