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Fujitsu General Air Conditioning (UK) Ltd Stand: 518
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  • Control Solutions
Control Solutions Control Solutions

User’s needs are supported by offering a variety of controls, such as individual control, central control and building management control options.

Split & VRF indoor units can be provided with wireless or wired remote controllers. Other options, such as individual and central remote controllers, are also available. The easy-to-operate central remote controller makes it simple to control the operation mode, temperature, airflow volume, timer, and other functions of each indoor unit from a single location.


By using our Wireless LAN Interface and FGLair app, users can control their units cooling and heating anytime and anywhere from a smart phone or tablet. The new design with a more user-friendly display allows easier operation than ever before.


With a wide range of interfaces available, Fujitsu’s extensive range of splits and VRF systems can be controlled and monitored via a number of industry standard BMS systems such as Modbus, LONworks & BACnet.

With the addition of Fujitsu’s system controller up to 1,600 indoor units can be centrally controlled via a PC. In addition to the ability to control and monitor the indoor units additional function such as electricity charge calculation, schedule management, and energy saving functions are added to ensure the building manager and owner needs are met.