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AV Unibrak Achieves 3x Faster MEP Design Process with Stabicad for Revit

The Challenge: Managing Complex HVAC Design Projects

Managing complex HVAC design projects can be a daunting task for any HVAC contractor. From the initial design phase to installation and maintenance, there are countless variables to consider. AV Unibrak knows this challenge all too well. With residential and commercial clients relying on their expertise, AV Unibrak needed a solution that could help them streamline their design process in Revit and ensure accuracy even when adjusting designs.

Gabriel Asante-Boadu, Head of Design, explained that the company was primarily looking for software that would allow them to calculate what they design in Revit. Without the right software, the risk of errors and delays can be significant, resulting in costly consequences for both them and their clients.

In addition to the complexity of the projects themselves, AV Unibrak also faced the challenge of staying up-to-date with the latest technology in the industry. HVAC systems are constantly evolving, and it's essential for contractors to adapt and incorporate new advancements into their MEP designs.

The Transformation: Implementing MEP Design Software Stabicad for Revit

AV Unibrak recognised the need for a solution that could streamline their MEP design process in Revit and improve overall efficiency. That's when they turned to Trimble's Stabicad for Revit software, and the transformation was remarkable.

Gabriel explained how the software provided an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed the team to navigate and utilise its innovative features easily. They were able to take productivity tools, accurate M&E calculations, access to up-to-date UK-specific manufacturer content, and real-time collaboration tools, all directly in Revit.

The integration of Stabicad into their workflow was seamless, and the team quickly adapted to the new software with the help of the Trimble team. With the ability to create accurate and detailed 3D models directly in Revit, AV Unibrak found that they could now easily visualise their HVAC designs before implementation, reducing the risk of errors and allowing for efficient adjustments.

“For us, Stabicad has replaced all of these different components in our workflow. Now, we just have one software package that does it all.” - Gabriel Asante-Boadu , Head of Design at AV Unibrak

By implementing Stabicad, AV Unibrak experienced a significant transformation in their design process. They are now able to tackle complex projects with confidence and deliver high-quality designs in a timely manner. Stabicad has streamlined their design workflow and improved overall efficiency, ultimately helping them exceed their clients' expectations.

Impressive Results: MEP Design Process Improved Three Times

Introducing Stabicad has had a huge impact on the quality of designs the team are able to produce. With Stabicad, the team have access to specialist electrical, mechanical, coordination and layout features and tools directly in Revit, saving them time and improving model accuracy. “I don’t need to spend time messing with filters, and the fact that it also follows the CIBSE guidelines as well makes my life super easy.” Gabriel went on to say: “I'm able to do my layouts, model and calculate the design as well as give a nice report to the client; a breakdown of each segment of the duct system, each fittings what the system pressure is, what it was, and also the ability to also resize as well.”

Chris McPartland, Operations Director also explained how the effiencies gained from Stabicad have been seen across all of their offices: 

“Over the years that I’ve worked in the industry I’ve not seen efficencies like I have here with Stabicad.” - Chris McPartland, Operations Director at AV Unibrak

Furthermore, Stabicad's real-time collaboration tools have revolutionised AV Unibrak's communication and coordination processes. Stabicad’s integration with Trimble Connect allows team members to access the latest designs quickly and clearly see design changes, eliminating delays and bottlenecks. This streamlined approach has significantly improved overall project efficiency and reduced the time it takes to complete a project.

Jamie McCann, Managing Driector commented on the impact of Stabicad to the whole company "Stabicad's changed the whole workflow of the company and it's sped the [MEP design] process up 3 times".

In conclusion, the implementation of Stabicad has transformed AV Unibrak's design process, resulting in a threefold increase in efficiency. The software's innovative features, such as time-saving productivity tools, accurate M&E calculations, access to up-to-date UK-specific content,  and real-time collaboration tools, have allowed AV Unibrak to streamline their workflow and deliver high-quality designs in a timely manner. With Stabicad, AV Unibrak are able to exceed their clients' expectations and solidify their position as a leader in the MEP industry.

To watch the customer story, visit https://mep.trimble.com/en-gb/resources/home/stabicad-uk-av-unibrak-customer-story