Please join us for the launch of the new HVAC systems Special Interest Group

Theatre  A

Date: 22nd November, 12:45 – 13:45

This session is open to anyone attending Build2Perform Live.   Please register and join us on the 22nd November at Build2Perform Live for the launch of the CIBSE HVAC System Special Interest Group

Heating and cooling combined make up the largest energy uses in buildings, but are also acknowledged as the hardest services to decarbonise and manage effectively. Indoor air quality and environmental conditions are critical to health, well-being and productivity, yet HVAC systems often get overlooked when it comes to driving innovation in building services and delivering better buildings. Visit Build2Perform Live on Wednesday 22nd November at Olympia to listen to Ashley Bateson, Debbie Hobbs and Phil Draper discuss ‘how we can do things better’ from both the designer and user perspectives, and learn how you can get involved in this new group to deliver real change.


‘I am delighted to see the launch of this long-awaited special interest group on HVAC systems. We can often overlook the importance of these core services, and how better specification, design and operation can deliver huge benefits for building performance. Continued advances in information technology, sensor systems, and innovations in thermal engineering have the potential to transform these systems. This group will help our industry develop better systems thinking and cross-disciplinary working, and ensure that best practice and innovation is shared across the sector.’ Tony Day, Chair HVAC Systems Group