Building simulation for 21st century

Brought to you by the CIBSE Building Simulation Group

Application of modelling tools is the foundation for good building design and performance. Expert speakers will provide insight into system simulations for best practice and present ideas for future development in the field, highlighting the importance of modelling for building and systems design and performance prediction. This stream will include an introduction to CIBSE AM11: Building Performance Modelling the basis for conducting proper building simulation tasks, and then examine current issues around thermal and energy modelling; and computation fluid dynamics.

Stream time: 10.15 – 12.45, Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Chaired by: Professor Darren Woolf, Head of Building Physics at Hoare Lea and Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Building Engineering Physics, Loughborough University. He is also the vice chair of the CIBSE Building Simulation Group

10:15 - 11:00

WA1 Building performance modelling

This session will summarise the main concepts behind the application manual AM11: Building Performance Modelling. It was published in late 2015. An overview of AM11: Building Performance Modelling What does AM11 offer building services engineers? Understanding energy modelling Understanding ventilation modelling Modelling of plant and renewable energy systems   


11:00 - 11:45

WA2 Thermal and Energy Modelling

This session will focus on current and future development in software used for modelling the energy performance of buildings and predicting their performance and compliance with energy regulations. Advances in thermal and energy modelling using big data and parametric modelling Using simulation tools to optimise design decision-making Calibration of building energy models from BMS bulk logging and analytics software   


11:45 - 12:00

Break & exhibition visit

12:00 - 12:45

WA3 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD is now an integral part of building design particularly when natural and hybrid ventilation is used in building design. This session includes presentations from CFD software developers to highlight the application of CFD in ventilation design. • Linking CFD with mainstream simulation tools • Use of simulation in the building services and related industries • CFD applications to environmental Continue Reading »


  • Fred Mendonça Head of Operations - (ESI-OpenCFD) - CFD applications to environmental flow, including building loading and extreme events
  • Dr Rob Woolhouse CFD Solutions Engineer - ANSYS