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AXON is pleased to be sponsoring the CIBSE Build2Perform Live drinks reception on the 26th November 2019

We look forward to welcoming you and joining together to discuss the design, delivery and performance of your projects.

Shortlisted by CIBSE for the 2019 Energy Management Initiative Award, the AXON platform truly aligns with CIBSE’s Build2Perform Live ethos, of engineering a better user experience and improving productivity of building users. The big building data AXON acquires empowers you to optimise the management of your estate, enabling you to deliver a better, smarter building today.

Making Buildings Better Together

AXON seamlessly integrates data onto one platform. A technology independent platform, AXON provides big building performance data, acquired from multiple sources. Providing actionable insights so you can optimise the management of your estate.

Technology independent platform

AXON communicates with a diverse range of manufacturers equipment. Data is acquired from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy, providing estate performance analytics at all levels. The big data and analytics that are acquired result in actionable insights. Helping you to continually manage the operation of your estate effectively.

Optimising Building Performance

The information from AXON can assist you in optimising the management of your estate. Providing visualisations and reporting to support the various stakeholders within the building. Helping you gain buy-in for implementing improvements to significantly reduce operational and energy costs.

Future Proofing

AXON helps prove in-use performance versus design intent. Feeding into industry benchmarking and performance strategies including: Soft Landings and BREEAM. Allowing you to maximise the whole life value of your building estate and respond to flexibility requirements across the building life span.

AXON can help you to:

  • Optimise the performance of space, plant, building and estate
  • Continuously monitor operational change
  • Minimise uncontrolled utility overspends
  • Report on services plant availability
  • Provide intelligent occupier utility billing
  • Deliver trend to failure analysis

How you benefit:

  • Improved occupier experience
  • Reduced energy intensity
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved visibility
  • Embedded ‘prove it’ outputs
  • Risk mitigation

Book an appointment with us at CIBSE Build2Perform Live 2019:

01252 406398 /




Visit AXON on stand 234 


Adveco / A.O Smith Water Heaters

Adveco Appoints UK Sales Manager

Commercial heating and hot water specialist Adveco, has appointed Greg Brushett as UK sales manager, responsible for all Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters product and system sales. As part of the appointment, Greg has spearheaded a review and restructuring of the UK sales function to drive greater focus on supporting customer engagement.

Greg brings more than a decade of sales and engineering expertise in the commercial heating and hot water industry. Starting as a regional sales manager at Rinnai, he originally joined A.O. Smith Water Heaters in 2011 as a sales engineer. Having moved to Viessmann in 2014 in the role of area business manager (commercial & renewables), he has taken the opportunity to return to Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters to manage UK sales.   

“Between Adveco and A.O. Smith, we have a strong and highly competitive product offering,” says Greg Brushett, UK sales manager, Adveco. “Now, we can back that with the best possible service for customers. We have focussed on building our professional sales teams to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Customers can be assured there will always be access to the specialist technical sales knowledge that sets Adveco apart when sourcing product for commercial applications and projects.”

Customers of Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters are supported by dedicated specification sales and account sales teams, both backed by in-house application engineers. The new team structures are important, ensuring the sales team members never feel isolated and customers always have an informed point of contact - critical for projects that can be complex and typically require a bespoke response.

“The new sales team structure is also really important in allowing us to bring on new talent, leveraging the existing experience within the team to nurture the next generation of application engineers and specialist specification sales,” adds Greg. “By recently expanding our graduate intake across these teams we are not only taking positive steps towards addressing the growing national skills shortage within the engineering sector, but also strengthening our business for long term growth as we embrace new technologies and expand into new commercial markets.”   

For Adveco sales and enquiries contact or call 01252 551 540. For A.O. Smith Water Heaters contact us at or call 0870 267 6484.

Greg B

Visit Adveco on stand 117



The apex of innovation and efficiency: Remeha launches the new Gas 120 Ace range

Pioneering heating manufacturer Remeha has launched the innovative new Gas 120 Ace, an exceptionally compact, ultra-efficient, floor-standing condensing boiler range with a new advanced heat exchanger and next-generation control platform.

The new Gas 120 Ace range, available in 65, 90 and 115 models, is a class-leading floor-standing boiler series that combines top-quality components with precision engineering to deliver outstanding heating reliability, efficiency and durability in an extremely small footprint.

Remeha’s new Gas 120 Ace, which directly replaces the Gas 110 Eco, has been completely redesigned around a monobloc aluminium heat exchanger that delivers robust, reliable, high operational performance. Delivering near maximum gross seasonal efficiencies and ultra-low Class 6 NOx emission levels, the Gas 120 Ace offers a high modulation ratio of 5:1 for improved boiler efficiency and longevity.

The new Gas 120 Ace is built on Remeha’s revolutionary Ace control platform to ensure optimum performance across the boiler’s lifecycle. A key feature is the all-new, smart controller that provides rapid, intuitive access to extended parameters via a clear, full-text, colour interface, enabling faster, easier and more straightforward installation, commissioning and maintenance.

At only 600mm wide, the remarkably compact and quiet Gas 120 Ace is designed to fit inside the smallest of plant rooms and is perfectly suited for use in space-saving modular configurations.

Easily-assembled in-line or back-to-back cascade options are available for up to four boilers, providing specifiers with more flexible design options while reducing installation time. There is also the opportunity to use pre-assembled plate heat exchanger and low loss header kits to achieve hydraulic separation on older heating systems.

Paul Arnold, Remeha’s Product Manager, said: “As we focus on reducing energy demand and waste, ensuring optimum heating efficiency must be a priority. Our new Gas 120 Ace is not only designed to achieve high efficiency and ultra-low NOx criteria, but to enable easier system design, installation and maintenance. With its compact dimensions, optional accessories and high 40°C temperature differential, it is the perfect heat source in both new and existing buildings.

“Crucially, the Gas 120 Ace is supplied with intuitive and enhanced boiler control. This will maximise efficiency across the boiler’s lifecycle, keeping bills low and comfort levels high. In-built 0-10V and volt-free contacts also provide direct connection to any Building Management System (BMS) for improved system control at no extra cost.”

The arrival of the new Gas 120 Ace series follows on the heels of the new wall-hung Quinta Ace range, placing Remeha firmly at the apex of innovation and efficiency. All Remeha products are supported by one-to-one expert advice and a round-the-clock technical support helpline.

For more information on the Remeha Gas 120 Ace range, visit:

Visit Remeha on the BAXI stand 400


Total Synergy 

Visit Total Synergy on stand 418

Built environment design business and project management software specialist Total Synergy is heading to CIBSE Build2Perform to exhibit for its second year

Following on from a successful show in 2018, Total Synergy regional manager Damiaan van Zanen said he was looking forward to showing the UK’s leading building services engineers how far Synergy has progressed in 12 months.

“Often at exhibition trade shows like this we find most people are there to look at things like mechanical and electrical and fire safety systems — our software is all about improving business and project performance,” Mr van Zanen said.

“We were pleasantly surprised at how many directors and owners we met who were there to make serious decisions about not only improving building performance but improving their own business performance with software like Synergy.”

Synergy is business and project management software used by architects and engineers to make business life easier. It’s designed and built only for the architecture, engineering and construction design industry (AEC).

Synergy helps built environment design businesses get organised to deliver every project on time and budget, stay on track by knowing the true value of projects, and work better together across the whole project team to bring clarity to complexity.

Mr van Zanen said Synergy software has developed and grown fast over the last 18 months.

“Since we exhibited at CIBSE Build2Perform in 2018, Synergy has added many new features and functions designed to help building services engineers improve their business and project management processes and find more time for design engineering,” he said.

“We’ve added features like our project planning board Gantt chart with resource planning, forecasting and a staff availability planner; we’ve added multi-office to help businesses manage multiple office locations or business units; we’ve added multi-currency invoicing for companies billing in more than one currency; and we’ve made enhancements to our project portals, timesheets, budgeting and work breakdown structures and lots more.

“I think Synergy might be the fastest moving product that exclusively serves built environment design businesses,” Mr van Zanen said.

“By the time we’re at Build2Perform, we’ll also reveal two more huge new features — earned value management and pre-billing.”

Synergy offers a supported 30-day free trial with no commitments.



Visit Remeha on Baxi stand 400

Bespoke offsite heating solutions from Remeha

Tight project schedules to meet? Plant room space constraints and access restrictions? On projects like these, it might be worth considering applying a bespoke heating solution.

Good quality installation is key to achieving long-term efficient building performance. But as consultant engineers know only too well, it’s often carried out in challenging circumstances.

Remeha’s offsite-manufactured rig systems simplify multi-boiler installations, offering almost limitless design flexibility to achieve the ultimate in rapid, high-quality installation.

Typically, manufacturers will provide site-assembled linear and back-to-back cascade options for two to ten wall-hung boilers. While these will simplify and speed up installation, a key benefit of Remeha’s bespoke offsite rig solutions is that all project and site requirements can be addressed and resolved from the outset, at the design stage.

So how does it work? The bespoke rig is based on individual boilers from 30kW to 300kW output, with no limit to the number that can be incorporated. Depending on the available space, the designer can specify a preferred layout, such as in-line, back-to-back, ‘L’ shaped or any other type, and specify which header extensions and connections are used.

The rig can additionally integrate project-specific controls such as weather compensation, sequencing or Building Management System direct operation to maximise seasonal efficiency for lower running costs.

A futher option is to integrate a Plate Heat Exchanger into the design to achieve hydraulic separation. Air-dirt separation can also be installed to protect the PHE from older retained secondary pipework

Only once the design is clearly defined does production take place. This is carried out in a factory environment with quality-controlled end-of-line testing providing added quality assurance. The boilers can then be delivered to site on a wheeled unit or be designed to split into smaller modules for simple re-connection in buildings where access is particularly restricted.

As even the position and size of the system connections on the rig can be produced to match the existing system pipework in the plant room, it is ready for rapid, easy connection to the system.

Importantly, this bespoke, offsite Remeha solution benefits the entire project team as the cost, size and specification are all fixed and in place, helping keep the project on time and on budget.

Ultimately, Remeha offers consultant engineers greater design flexibility to meet the project and customer requirements, and the full assurance that the specification will be met.

Engineering excellence since 1935.



Visit Prihoda on stand 409

Prihoda have two CIBSE approved CPD presentations giving an insight to fabric ducting and its application in industry

The first is an “overview” which covers Fabric Duct Design and applied common rules, and the second, a more in-depth presentation which looks at air patterns achieved using different diffusers types, such as micro perforations and nozzles.

The following aspects are considered:

  • Throw
  • Velocity
  • ∆t 
  • Mixing and entrainment values

During the presentations we can use our software to set up and demonstrate any number of examples required by you for discussion.

Our presentations are aimed at designers who would like an introduction to fabric ducting, and also those that want to understand more about the flexibility of fabric diffusers and the huge range of applications appropriate for their use.  The Prihoda Fabric Ducting CPD’s lasts around one hour, and can be carried out over lunch, and we’ll even bring the sandwiches!

Please contact us to arrange your Prihoda CPD presentation

For further information, please contact us on 0121 320 2496 (Midlands & North), 0207 886 2496 (London & South), +353 1 961 0031 (Ireland) or email us at


Glidefield Engineering Solutions 

Visit Glidefield on stand 329

Project Moneypenny – P3 Ductal

Glidefield Engineering Solutions and its P3ductal range has been used in both a lightweight and hygienic ventilation and cooling solution for its client Morris & Spottiswood at a leading drinks suppliers facility serving clean rooms and laboratories.

The pre-insulated ductwork was used as it is the only product on the market that offers both a 500 micron external aluminium coating to its outer skin making it 100% UV and water tight but also as it offers an anti-microbial internal skin finish meaning any germs or dirt will not impact on the quality of the air serving the space. 

Couple both these factors to the incredible weight saving of 14KG/m2 compared to galvanised duct plus insulation of 55KG/m2 and one-time single fix install process and you have a fantastic product capable of serving almost all market sectors.

Should you require more information on our P3 Ductwork Range or the other services we can help you with please visit us at or email us at


Supporter - IHEEM

IHEEM is the UK’s largest specialist Institute for the Healthcare Estates Sector; devoted to developing careers, provision of education and training, and registering engineers as Eng Tech, IEng and CEng

IHEEM offers:

  • Professional Development and Recognition
  • Engineering Registration
  • Conferences
  • Seminar & Workshops
  • Monthly Technical Journal
  • Branch Network

Membership is available to:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Universities

For more information on membership and benefits please visit stand Bz2.



Andrews Water Heaters

Following customer feedback on the award-winning MAXXflo, Andrews Water Heaters has unveiled the MAXXflo EVO, the future of water heating technology. The enhanced MAXXflo EVO takes water heater performance, efficiency and reliability to the MAXX.


Built-in BMS connectivity as standard, an attractive new look and increased functionality, means that the enhanced MAXXflo EVO provides specifiers with a cost-effective means of meeting their customer’s individual hot water needs.

Available in 30-60kW models with a 200 litre capacity, and 30-120kW models with a 300 litre capacity, the future-proof new design has been specified to meet the needs of many commercial buildings. For instance, the MAXXflo EVO is suitable for use in premises such as large hotels, government buildings and office blocks.

With customer’s calling for boosted efficiency levels, the new MAXXflo EVO has been designed by Andrews Water Heaters to be low NOx, with emissions of 39mg/kWh and below, meaning it’s suitable for specification and integration into larger commercial premises in areas with even the most stringent air quality policies. For instance, the MAXXflo EVO can be specified in London as it sits within the ‘London Plan’s’ nitrous oxide emissions limits. This means that everyone can benefit from increased efficiency and maximum performance.

Hosting inbuilt BMS control as standard, and optional web server availability, the MAXXflo EVO has been designed with enhanced control and functionality at its core. Interfacing to BMS enables remote monitoring for reduced downtime and improving site operability. Along with diagnostic emails and alerts, providing site managers with real-time information that can be conveniently reviewed off-site. Additionally, enhanced BMS connectivity can help management teams to identify site-specific problems and maximise maintenance efficiency.

Tom Murray, Specification Director at Baxi Heating, said, “The success of the award-winning MAXXflo water heater combined with customer feedback provided us a fantastic basis to create the new MAXXflo EVO. We were able to use the response that we received to give customers the enhancements that they wanted, in ways that would benefit them. We’ve totally re-engineered the MAXXflo from the ground up to create the new MAXXflo EVO, resulting in higher build quality, reliability and performance.

Tom concluded, “The future-proofed design of the MAXXflo EVO has been specified to meet the needs of industry. With this latest offering, we will continue taking performance, efficiency and reliability to the MAXX.”

Visit Andrews Water Heaters on the Baxi Stand 400 


Altecnic Ltd

5 minutes with Neil Parry - Altecnic's Head of Specification Sales.

Altecnic Ltd discuss the fundamentals of Heat Interface Units with Neil Parry, a CIBSE accredited Heat Network Consultant who joined Altecnic over 8 years ago as Head of Specification Sales.

During his time at Altecnic, Neil has worked closely with the parent company and HIU manufacturer Caleffi to develop an industry leading range of smart HIU’s. Most recently, this includes the innovative SATK32 and SATK22 units.

Follow the blog and read the full Q & A with Neil

Neil P

View all the Latest News with Altecnic including their latest announcement of the revision of the British standard for heating and cooling systems, BS 7593:2019, as it takes a whole system perspective to the health of heating and cooling systems and not just at a component level...

Visit Altecnic on Stand 300


Viega Ltd

Viega Ltd - experts in Piping technology,  Pre-wall/flushing technology and Drainage technology are the first to join the new 'SoPHE Zone' at CIBSE Build2Perform Live 2019.

In response to interest from SoPHE individual members and SoPHE IWG, CIBSE have created a ‘SoPHE Zone’ designed to be a feature that will create visitor interest, as well as provide a very cost-effective means to access the delegate audience.

The SoPHE Zone will be a unique feature at Build2Perform - no other Group or organisation has been offered such an opportunity.

It will provide 7 stands – six 2m x 2m and one 3m x 2m shell stand - with a furnished networking area in the middle.

The main stand (S4) could be used by SOPHE to host meetings, and/or have a screen to run videos and presentations. 

If you'd like to join Viega in this new SoPHE Zone contact Steve Webb for further details on 01892 518877 or



Visit Viega on Stand S1 



Improving wellbeing at a flagship hospital with the help of Kingspan.

Kingspan Kooltherm products have been installed in the new operating theatres at Wrexham Maelor Hospital to provide a versatile, lightweight HVAC solution.

Wrexham Maelor is one of the busiest hospitals in North Wales, with a catchment area of over half a million people. £3 million was invested into the site to create a state-of-the-art modular building, delivered by MTX, comprising day case and endoscopy theatres, allowing the hospital to provide exceptional care.

With the NHS’ commitment to improving efficiency of services, the performance of products was crucial. The premium building service specification included the installation of 2,000 lm of Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation and 400 m2 of Kingspan Kooltherm Duct Insulation by thermal insulation contractor, Midland Premier Insulations Limited (MPI). Scott McCaskie, Director for MTX, discussed the project:

“Given the environment, safety of patients is a priority. Kingspan products were selected for this project as, in addition to their thermal performance which would support the maintenance of comfortable temperatures, they could also deliver excellent levels of indoor air quality with their fibre-free insulation cores.”

Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation has a best-in-class Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate, recognising it as an outstanding material according to the VOC Indoor Air Quality emissions standards. It also offers premium thermal performance with an aged thermal conductivity as low as 0.025 W/m.K (at 10°C mean). It is one of the thinnest and most thermally efficient in common use within the UK construction industry today. This supported a fast-track installation whilst ensuring services operate effectively.

Kingspan Kooltherm Duct Insulation is externally faced with an aluminium vapour barrier foil. Its rigid nature ensures the specified thickness is maintained at the corners and can help to create a continuous and fully sealed vapour barrier. It can achieve thermal conductivities as low as 0.022 W/m.K (at +10°C mean) and is suitable for rectangular, circular and flat oval indoor ductwork applications, within an operating temperature range of –20°C to 80°C. The duct insulation is also manufactured under a BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 scheme and is produced at Kingspan Insulation’s Pembridge and Selby manufacturing facilities which are certified to BES 6001 ‘Excellent’.

The products’ cores are manufactured with a CFC/HCFC–free blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP). All Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe and Duct Insulation has a BRE Green Guide Rating of A/A+.

For further information, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0) 1544 388 601

Pipeline Technical Advisory Service: 0808 168 7363


Visit Kingspan on Stand 223 



HERZ HIU passes the BESA Test and becomes one of the first manufacturers to have a HIU tested to the BESA UK HIU Test Regime October 2018.

In Communal or Heat Network schemes, Heat Interface Units (HIU) are being installed to deliver heating and hot water from centralised plant to individual dwellings within the network.

A poorly performing HIU can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of a Heat Network. This has led to a desire for some standardisation and guidelines for HIUs. The BSRIA Guide BG62/2015 and the CIBSE CP1 2015 Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK, have gone a long way in starting this process.

The BESA UK HIU Test Regime has also been developed as a benchmark and will be referred to in the newly updated CIBSE CP1.2 as best practice guidelines.

The BESA tested Guildford indirect HIU is suitable for both radiator and underfloor tertiary systems. HERZ decided to test the HIU at BSRIA, UKAS accredited for the BESA test regime October 2018, due to their world-renowned reputation.

HERZ manufacture a full complement of HIUs (Indirect, Direct, DHW only and HTG only) to meet the varying installations, ensuring most of the components in the HIUs are HERZ manufactured and common across all HIUs. The methods for controlling DHW & heating are identical across all units achieving the same results.

Herz also manufacture a full range of energy efficient products perfect for the modern demands for climate control in energy efficient buildings.

Come and see us for a chat and see the range of innovative HIU and energy efficient products.

Visit Herz on Stand 309 

View their Exhibitor Profile


Klima-Therm win HVR Sustainability award with Low Carbon, Heat Recovery combined Heating and Cooling system

‘With a flood of exceptional entries, the quality of this year’s Sustainable Product of the Year finalists aptly reflected the shift in industry focus to source environmentally-conscious alternatives. After much deliberation, the judges decided that it would be Klima-Therm that should be invited to the stage to collect the trophy for its Rhoss EXP/HT Heat Pump.’    

The EXP/HT heat pump is an all-electric, low carbon heat recovery system providing simultaneous heating, cooling and domestic hot water, eliminating the need for boilers and therefore reducing our reliance on the burning of fossil fuels.

System Description

  • All electric heat recovery heat pump system comprising 4-Pipe Air Source Heat Pumps and High Temperature Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Air Source heat pumps (ASHP) simultaneously and independently produce cooling and heating
  • In simultaneous cooling & heating operation the heating is recovered free heat
  • Chilled water temperatures are typically 6/12˚C
  • Hot water temperatures are typically up to 55˚C for medium grade heat
  • High Temperature Water Source Heat Pump produces high grade hot water, up to 78˚C, from the medium grade hot water – mainly recovered free heat


What makes the system distinctive?

  • Integrated Heat Pump all electric cooling and heating system solution
  • Hybrid 4-Pipe ASHP’S for cooling with independent heat recovery
  • HT WSHP that efficiently boosts medium grade heat to high grade heat for space heating or domestic hot water
  • Gas fired boilers are not required
  • 4  Pipe ASHP Total Efficiency Ratio up to 8.0 at full load
  • HT WSHP COP up to 6.0


Benefits of this distinctive system

  • Reduced life cycle costs – operational and maintenance
  • Recent case study revealed a 22% operating energy saving plus a 28% reduction in carbon emissions (not considering a HT WSHP) compared to the chiller and boiler system it replaced. A 2 year payback was achieved
  • Low Carbon Solution = GLA (Greater London Authority) & Planning authorities preferred heating &cooling solution
  • Plant space saving – no boiler


Rhoss EXP ASHP ranges from 50kW all the way up to 1.4MW cooling and heating, the heating capacity for the HT WSHP ranges from 20kW to 250kW based on 45/40 ˚C on the evaporator side and 65/60 ˚C on the HT Condenser side.

Applications: commercial, education, hospitals, wherever there is a coincidental heating & cooling demand with domestic hot water.               

Klima-Therm can be found on Stand 107.


New MagiCAD 2020 is now available

New MagiCAD 2020 is now available

MagiCAD version 2020 is available with a record number of new features for MEP design on Revit. Our latest version introduces intelligent new functions and improved UK workflows for making MEP design faster and more efficient. Among the highlights of this new release:

  • Compatible with Autodesk Revit versions 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • Support for Autodesk BIM 360 Design
  • Advanced new Builders Work functionality

MagiCAD Group Ltd is the UK subsidiary, serving customers based in the UK and Ireland. MagiCAD for Revit is the leading BIM software for MEP design with UK localisation, standards and fully integrated CIBSE, BS / EN engineering calculations. MagiCAD is used in over 80 countries worldwide. MagiCAD Cloud enables access to over 1,000,000 data-rich manufacturer-verified MEP products from over 270 globally renowned manufacturers.

For further information, read more here:

Magi 2020

MagiCAD Group Ltd can be found at Stand 205


Coming soon to the Building Centre WC1

Coming soon to the Building Centre WC1

Elysator UK are delighted to confirm our presence at the Building Centre in Fitzrovia, WC1. The Building Centre exists to promote innovation in the built environment and is the perfect site to showcase our range of ground-breaking chemical-free water treatment products.

There are many benefits of the Elysator technology. Convincing arguments to support its use can be made on various grounds: commercial, environmental, effectiveness, business impact, safety and ease of use among them.

Many solutions that are intended to offer an environmental benefit require compromises to be made. These may revolve around the effectiveness of a product, more often they will centre on price; green tech invariably carries a premium.

This is not the case with Elysator.

The outright cost of the equipment is often considerably less than that of a single chemical-flush - in larger systems the savings are even greater. Once the initial purchase is made, ongoing maintenance costs are minimal and service life is extended.

Environmentally friendly yet truly effective, Elysator has consistently proven to be more efficient than the product it is intended to replace. Retrofittable, the impact on business operation is minimal, often requiring no system downtime and, absent of any requirements for COSHH compliance, it is safer to use and easier to maintain.

Elysator delivers a solution that is truly viable on every level.

Elysator UK can be found at Stand 232


The Donna Louise Hospice receives generous donation from TF Solutions and Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK

The Donna Louise Hospice receives generous donation from TF Solutions and Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK

TF Solutions have partnered with Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK, along with Pump House and Connex Banninger Maxipro, to supply and install a Heat Recovery VRF air conditioning system at The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice in Staffordshire.

Taking its name from a young local girl, Donna Louise Hackney, who sadly died from a life-limiting condition at the age of sixteen, The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice was first registered as a charity in 1999; responding to the need for a children’s hospice for both Staffordshire and Cheshire.  Fundraising allowed for a community nursing team to be established in 2002; providing care for children and families in their homes.  In August 2003 the doors opened on a purpose-built and fully equipped hospice to ensure that a high-quality palliative care service is available in the local area.

TF Solutions is one of the largest distributors of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in the UK and has supported The Donna Louise Hospice as their nominated charity over the last 10 years, through numerous fundraising events. Supported by an array of volunteers, this donation is the second occasion that TF Solutions have collaborated with long-term partner Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK to supply and install air conditioning equipment into the hospice; the first being back in 2015.

Dedicating time to install the project, Simon Dunkley, Managing Director of The Air Conditioning Company said: “It’s such a pleasure to be able to give time and resource to assist with such a worthy cause.  The installation serves a mixture of bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and offices.  Ducted units were used and located in the loft space to allow any service activities to take place in the future, without having to disturb any families occupying quite sensitive areas.”

Speaking about the system selection, Ian Carroll, Chief Operating Officer, Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK said:  “The adjustable external static pressure on each of the ducted units meant that the air movement through each room could be carefully set to the most appropriate level, creating a noise and draught free environment. Individual control was provided to each area for complete localisation in terms of environment.  Being a not-for-profit organisation, operating costs are always a primary concern for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, so the highly efficient Airstage VR-II Heat Recovery system was ideal. This is much more cost effective than an alternative wet heating system; with the added benefit of the cooling aspect, will create a perfect comfort level all year round”

Jane Jones, Head of Care at The Donna Louise Hospice said: “This amazing gift has made such a big difference to the children, young people and families.  The staff love it too! Many of the children who spend a lot of time in wheelchairs get so warm and uncomfortable. Many suffer from painful muscles and can’t sleep well due to overheating, but not anymore.” She continued; “We have had such positive comments from parents, all saying what a generous gift this is.

The team from TF Solutions and their helpers were so friendly and accommodating and really put the needs of the children and young people first; often changing their plans at short notice. A big thank you to all involved, we really are bowled over by your generosity and support.”

Both Fujitsu and TF Solutions are proud to sponsor such a worthy cause. Andy Cherrill, Managing Director, TF Solutions said: “Each time we do something to support this fantastic Hospice it makes me extremely proud.  As before we have called upon others to support TF in making this installation happen and I can’t thank enough Fujitsu, my team here at TF and the very generous group of customers who gave up their time to help.  Visiting the Hospice is always a wonderful experience, meeting the children, families and staff, who are always so happy and full of life. Continuing to do anything to make the children more comfortable through challenging times is what TF will endeavour to do. “

TF Solutions would like to thank all other companies involved for the time given to the project: 316 Building Services Ltd, Active AI, Bailey Air Conditioning, Castle Climate, Climate and Power.

To discover more about the extensive Fujitsu product range, visit or email

Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK can be found on Stand 109

S&P value their reputation.

S&P value their reputation.

Over the past year they have been making changes to improve operations and services here in the UK.

Firstly they have removed the non-recyclable plastic from transport packaging processes. This included the removal of foam pellets from packaging processes which were replaced with recycled shredded cardboard as more ecologically friendly alternative.

At S&P UK they are committed to reduce their impact on the environment and will be pushing forwards to implement new initiatives to further reduce their carbon footprint in the future.

In support of this intention to reduce their environmental impact they are launching a new ECOWATT FANS brochure highlighting their comprehensive range of energy efficient ventilation products. This new brochure along with samples of the products will be available to see and discuss at the CIBSE Build2Perform show 2019.

One important product featured at the show will be the S&P RHE – Commercial Heat Recovery with plug and play controls.  This compact, versatile and highly energy efficient heat recovery unit offers a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of ventilation applications and is certified as energy efficient by the Carbon Trust and listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL).

S&P can be found on Stand 235


Strebel In co-operation with BIMSTORE new BIM objects are now available to download for our S-CBX wall hung boilers as well as the S-FX range.

Strebel In co-operation with BIMSTORE new BIM objects are now available to download for our S-CBX wall hung boilers as well as the S-FX range.

A company known historically for large output cast iron sectional boilers is not necessarily the first name that falls of the tongue when it comes to setting the standard for the next generation of ultra-low NOx gas condensing boilers. But that is exactly what Strebel is now doing with both the S-CBX wall hung range as well as S-FX floor standing models.

Up until recently new construction projects generally called for the BREEAM 2014 NOx emission requirements that were set at 40 mg/kWh enabling projects to gain 3 credits for this level of ‘pollution’. However, this has now been replaced with the publication of new lower emission limits contained in BREEAM’s UK New Construction 2018 1.0 (Technical Manual SD5078) which state that 1 credit will be gained for NOx emissions less than 27mg/kWh and 2 points for less than 24mg/kWh.

Such a big reduction in the level of NOx emissions might be considered challenging for manufacturers to respond to – whilst at the same time maintaining levels of gross seasonal efficiency.

However, Strebel has managed to achieve an admirable balance of these two performance criteria. All models within the S-CBX and S-FX boiler ranges combine ultra-low NOx emissions (all models lower than 24mg/kWh) with excellent seasonal efficiency (all models offer over 95% when calculated to Part L method).

Not only this but the boilers are all manufactured using corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchangers offering excellent longevity of operation.

Technical details are available online with BIM drawings available at the BIMSTORE as well as through links from the company website.

Strebel can be found on Stand 311.


5000th installation celebrated with donation to Buckinghamshire Mind

5000th installation celebrated with donation to Buckinghamshire Mind

5000th installation celebrated with charity donation

Students spend many of their formative years in school and around 70% of that time is spent indoors. A comfortable environment supports students to achieve their potential and obtain the best possible results. Using the correct ventilation solution enables good air quality to be maintained, using a low-energy system minimises the impact on school budgets.

Together with Buckinghamshire Mind, Monodraught aim to support 5,000 students through mental health awareness assemblies.

Monodraught are marking this landmark 5,000th installation by providing a grant to our charity partner Buckinghamshire Mind. The donation enables the charity to offer free mental health awareness assemblies in the Buckinghamshire region in the next few months. 

This donation cements our charity partnership and allows us to make a positive contribution to our local community. It is the second time we have been able to support this awareness initiative.

“A significant proportion of our natural ventilation systems are installed in schools, universities and colleges throughout the UK. We are pleased to have the opportunity to make a financial contribution to support this valuable mental health work taking place in schools in our home region.” 

Andrew McCubbin, Managing Director, Monodraught

Supporting mental health awareness in schools.

The objective of the assemblies is to help educate children and young people to enable them to open-up and talk about mental health in school, at home and with friends.

The assemblies cover important aspects of mental health including:

  • The importance of talking about emotions and feelings
  • Everyone has mental health
  • Mental and physical health are as important as each other
  • Mental health problems can affect how we think, feel and behave
  • Breaking down the stigma around mental health

To find out more about the free mental health awareness assemblies – contact Buckinghamshire Mind.

Monodraught can be found on Stand 325