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Behind this converge is the acceleration of the Internet of Things.

Cadline is an Autodesk-awarded Platinum-level partner with accredited ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Cadline has trained over 80,000 people, managed and implemented over 200 BIM projects and continually maintain over 7000 support contracts.

Cadline is the only company with a UK dedicated building services team that develops BIM level 2 standard software packages and workflows within the Building Services industry. This is achieved with in depth technical knowledge from both the development and technical teams to produce consistently updated and compliant UK accredited software suites such as Cymap and Cylink.

Cymap and Cylink prioritise the user’s requirements and workflows, thus resulting in industry leading packages that not only comply with building regulations, but also improve functionality and eradicate problems commonly found in the industry such as disparate software packages that don’t communicate vital information between each other, resulting in doubling up of tasks and workloads, incorrect information due to manual errors and not following an ideal BIM workflow.

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Glidefield Engineering Solutions 

Glidefield Engineering Solutions 

HASL incl. RESUS Risycor New CIBSE accredited CPD on Preventing Corrosion by Continuous Monitoring

Glidefield Engineering Solutions and its P3ductal range has been used in both a lightweight and hygienic ventilation and cooling solution for its client Morris & Spottiswood at a leading drinks suppliers facility serving clean rooms and laboratories.

The pre-insulated ductwork was used as it is the only product on the market that offers both a 500 micron external aluminium coating to its outer skin making it 100% UV and water tight but also as it offers an anti-microbial internal skin finish meaning any germs or dirt will not impact on the quality of the air serving the space. 

Couple both these factors to the incredible weight saving of 14KG/m2 compared to galvanised duct plus insulation of 55KG/m2 and one-time single fix install process and you have a fantastic product capable of serving almost all market sectors.

Should you require more information on our P3 Ductwork Range or the other services we can help you with please visit us at or email us at

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SWEPs New Sealix® Tap Water Unit Defeat Corrosion and Scaling

SWEP has launched a new range of BPHEs that keep tap water applications running efficiently for longer.

This is achieved with SWEP Sealix® coating, a revolutionary SiO₂-based thin-film technology that increases BPHE corrosion resistance, decreases the tendency for fouling and scaling and increases durability.

The protective Sealix® layer is applied to all inner surfaces of the heat exchanger that encounter drinking water, to increase the lifetime and the operational safety of the entire. This in turn reduces maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. The innovative self-cleaning coating minimises deposit formation and prevents contamination while protecting the surface.

SiO₂-based coating is recognized worldwide and approved by the United States Food and Drug administration, the European Food Safety Authority and the Japan Inspection Association of Food & Industry Environment.

View the video to see what happens over 24 hours when a Sealix® coated stainless-steel surface and an untreated stainless-steel surface are both placed in a heated calcium salt solution. The Sealix® sample remains the same, whereas the uncoated sample becomes noticeably corroded:

Sealix has recently applied this concept to several units in the SWEP range, including the DHW in your HIUs (E8LAS & E8AS). The resultant benefits have been impressive. So if poor water quality is a problem for you, you might want to consider upgrading your present unit with Sealix. Please let me know your thoughts and if you are interested in some no obligation testing, let’s catch up to discuss.

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Superior control at the touch of a button: the new Quinta Ace

Remeha has unveiled the new Quinta Ace range, an advanced wall-hung condensing boiler series that combines robust, reliable, high operational performance with superior control capability to maximise lifetime boiler efficiency.

The new Quinta Ace, the successor to the hugely successful Quinta Pro series, builds on its predecessor’s pioneering technology with a next-generation control platform and an all-new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panel.

The new controller has been designed for easy installation, commissioning and programming. Via a new full-text, full colour interface, it provides intuitive access to an extended range of parameters using a rotary selection dial and smartphone-like buttons.

The clear design encourages improved boiler control for higher efficiencies, increased comfort levels, minimum emissions and lower lifecycle costs. At the same time, the ready availability of greater technical detail makes servicing and diagnosis more straightforward and rapid.

Time and temperature controls are supplied as standard, with in-built 0-10V and volt free contacts providing direct connection to any Building Management System (BMS) at no extra cost.

Available in 30, 45, 55, 65, 90 and 115 models, in addition to the existing Quinta Ace 160, the new Quinta Ace series has been designed to meet all retrofit and new installation requirements.

“Inadequate boiler control can add 15% to fuel consumption compared with a well-controlled system,” said Paul Arnold, Remeha’s Product Manager. “That’s why we’ve focused on enabling enhanced control with the new Quinta Ace range. We’ve received excellent feedback during field trials on how user-friendly and intuitive the controls are to use, so we are delighted to bring the Ace platform to market.

“In terms of design, the Quinta Ace is fully backwards-compatible with the Quinta Pro regarding dimensions and connections, so there’ll be no learning curve for installers. And with its high 40C temperature differential, the new Quinta Ace is hybrid-ready, providing the perfect heat source selection for heat interface units, low temperature heating and hybrid installations.”

“With the introduction of the Quinta Ace series, we have achieved a universal design philosophy across the Remeha boiler range that will simplify design, installation and commissioning for our customers,” continued Paul Arnold.

“Importantly, the revolutionary Ace control platform will help maintain high efficiencies and ultra-low NOx levels throughout the lifecycle of our boilers, so that end-users continue to benefit from low operating costs and minimum environmental impact.”

The new Quinta Ace range is supported by a two-year warranty[1] as standard, extended to five years for the heat exchanger, and by one-to-one expert advice.

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Supporter - IHEEM  


IHEEM is the UK’s largest specialist Institute for the Healthcare Estates Sector; devoted to developing careers, provision of education and training, and registering engineers as Eng Tech, IEng and CEng

IHEEM offers:

  • Professional Development and Recognition
  • Engineering Registration
  • Conferences
  • Seminar & Workshops
  • Monthly Technical Journal
  • Branch Network


Membership is available to:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Universities


For more information on membership and benefits please visit stand Bz2.




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