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Latest Exhibitor News

  Following customer feedback on the award-winning MAXXflo, Andrews Water Heaters has unveiled the MAXXflo EVO, the future of water heating technology. The enhanced MAXXflo EVO takes water heater performance, efficiency and reliability to the MAXX.  


Following customer feedback on the award-winning MAXXflo, Andrews Water Heaters has unveiled the MAXXflo EVO, the future of water heating technology. The enhanced MAXXflo EVO takes water heater performance, efficiency and reliability to the MAXX.


Built-in BMS connectivity as standard, an attractive new look and increased functionality, means that the enhanced MAXXflo EVO provides specifiers with a cost-effective means of meeting their customer’s individual hot water needs.

Available in 30-60kW models with a 200 litre capacity, and 30-120kW models with a 300 litre capacity, the future-proof new design has been specified to meet the needs of many commercial buildings. For instance, the MAXXflo EVO is suitable for use in premises such as large hotels, government buildings and office blocks.

With customer’s calling for boosted efficiency levels, the new MAXXflo EVO has been designed by Andrews Water Heaters to be low NOx, with emissions of 39mg/kWh and below, meaning it’s suitable for specification and integration into larger commercial premises in areas with even the most stringent air quality policies. For instance, the MAXXflo EVO can be specified in London as it sits within the ‘London Plan’s’ nitrous oxide emissions limits. This means that everyone can benefit from increased efficiency and maximum performance.

Hosting inbuilt BMS control as standard, and optional web server availability, the MAXXflo EVO has been designed with enhanced control and functionality at its core. Interfacing to BMS enables remote monitoring for reduced downtime and improving site operability. Along with diagnostic emails and alerts, providing site managers with real-time information that can be conveniently reviewed off-site. Additionally, enhanced BMS connectivity can help management teams to identify site-specific problems and maximise maintenance efficiency.

Tom Murray, Specification Director at Baxi Heating, said, “The success of the award-winning MAXXflo water heater combined with customer feedback provided us a fantastic basis to create the new MAXXflo EVO. We were able to use the response that we received to give customers the enhancements that they wanted, in ways that would benefit them. We’ve totally re-engineered the MAXXflo from the ground up to create the new MAXXflo EVO, resulting in higher build quality, reliability and performance.

Tom concluded, “The future-proofed design of the MAXXflo EVO has been specified to meet the needs of industry. With this latest offering, we will continue taking performance, efficiency and reliability to the MAXX.”

Visit Andrews Water Heaters on the Baxi Stand 400 


5 minutes with Neil Parry - Altecnic's Head of Specification Sales.

5 minutes with Neil Parry - Altecnic's Head of Specification Sales.

Altecnic Ltd discuss the fundamentals of Heat Interface Units with Neil Parry, a CIBSE accredited Heat Network Consultant who joined Altecnic over 8 years ago as Head of Specification Sales.

During his time at Altecnic, Neil has worked closely with the parent company and HIU manufacturer Caleffi to develop an industry leading range of smart HIU’s. Most recently, this includes the innovative SATK32 and SATK22 units.

Follow the blog and read the full Q & A with Neil

Neil P

View all the Latest News with Altecnic including their latest announcement of the revision of the British standard for heating and cooling systems, BS 7593:2019, as it takes a whole system perspective to the health of heating and cooling systems and not just at a component level...

Visit Altecnic on Stand 300



Viega Ltd - experts in Piping technology,  Pre-wall/flushing technology and Drainage technology are the first to join the new 'SoPHE Zone' at CIBSE Build2Perform Live 2019.

Viega Ltd - experts in Piping technology,  Pre-wall/flushing technology and Drainage technology are the first to join the new 'SoPHE Zone' at CIBSE Build2Perform Live 2019.

In response to interest from SoPHE individual members and SoPHE IWG, CIBSE have created a ‘SoPHE Zone’ designed to be a feature that will create visitor interest, as well as provide a very cost-effective means to access the delegate audience.

The SoPHE Zone will be a unique feature at Build2Perform - no other Group or organisation has been offered such an opportunity.

It will provide 7 stands – six 2m x 2m and one 3m x 2m shell stand - with a furnished networking area in the middle.

The main stand (S4) could be used by SOPHE to host meetings, and/or have a screen to run videos and presentations. 

If you'd like to join Viega in this new SoPHE Zone contact Steve Webb for further details on 01892 518877 or



Visit Viega on Stand S1 


AXON is pleased to be sponsoring the CIBSE Build2Perform Live drinks reception on the 26th November 2019

AXON is pleased to be sponsoring the CIBSE Build2Perform Live drinks reception on the 26th November 2019

We look forward to welcoming you and joining together to discuss the design, delivery and performance of your projects.

Shortlisted by CIBSE for the 2019 Energy Management Initiative Award, the AXON platform truly aligns with CIBSE’s Build2Perform Live ethos, of engineering a better user experience and improving productivity of building users. The big building data AXON acquires empowers you to optimise the management of your estate, enabling you to deliver a better, smarter building today.

Making Buildings Better Together

AXON seamlessly integrates data onto one platform. A technology independent platform, AXON provides big building performance data, acquired from multiple sources. Providing actionable insights so you can optimise the management of your estate.

Technology independent platform

AXON communicates with a diverse range of manufacturers equipment. Data is acquired from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy, providing estate performance analytics at all levels. The big data and analytics that are acquired result in actionable insights. Helping you to continually manage the operation of your estate effectively.

Optimising Building Performance

The information from AXON can assist you in optimising the management of your estate. Providing visualisations and reporting to support the various stakeholders within the building. Helping you gain buy-in for implementing improvements to significantly reduce operational and energy costs.

Future Proofing

AXON helps prove in-use performance versus design intent. Feeding into industry benchmarking and performance strategies including: Soft Landings and BREEAM. Allowing you to maximise the whole life value of your building estate and respond to flexibility requirements across the building life span.

AXON can help you to:

  • Optimise the performance of space, plant, building and estate
  • Continuously monitor operational change
  • Minimise uncontrolled utility overspends
  • Report on services plant availability
  • Provide intelligent occupier utility billing
  • Deliver trend to failure analysis

How you benefit:

  • Improved occupier experience
  • Reduced energy intensity
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved visibility
  • Embedded ‘prove it’ outputs
  • Risk mitigation

Book an appointment with us at CIBSE Build2Perform Live 2019:

01252 406398 /




Visit AXON on stand 234 


Adveco Appoints UK Sales Manager

Adveco Appoints UK Sales Manager

Commercial heating and hot water specialist Adveco, has appointed Greg Brushett as UK sales manager, responsible for all Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters product and system sales. As part of the appointment, Greg has spearheaded a review and restructuring of the UK sales function to drive greater focus on supporting customer engagement.

Greg brings more than a decade of sales and engineering expertise in the commercial heating and hot water industry. Starting as a regional sales manager at Rinnai, he originally joined A.O. Smith Water Heaters in 2011 as a sales engineer. Having moved to Viessmann in 2014 in the role of area business manager (commercial & renewables), he has taken the opportunity to return to Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters to manage UK sales.   

“Between Adveco and A.O. Smith, we have a strong and highly competitive product offering,” says Greg Brushett, UK sales manager, Adveco. “Now, we can back that with the best possible service for customers. We have focussed on building our professional sales teams to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Customers can be assured there will always be access to the specialist technical sales knowledge that sets Adveco apart when sourcing product for commercial applications and projects.”

Customers of Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters are supported by dedicated specification sales and account sales teams, both backed by in-house application engineers. The new team structures are important, ensuring the sales team members never feel isolated and customers always have an informed point of contact - critical for projects that can be complex and typically require a bespoke response.

“The new sales team structure is also really important in allowing us to bring on new talent, leveraging the existing experience within the team to nurture the next generation of application engineers and specialist specification sales,” adds Greg. “By recently expanding our graduate intake across these teams we are not only taking positive steps towards addressing the growing national skills shortage within the engineering sector, but also strengthening our business for long term growth as we embrace new technologies and expand into new commercial markets.”   

For Adveco sales and enquiries contact or call 01252 551 540. For A.O. Smith Water Heaters contact us at or call 0870 267 6484.

Greg B

Visit Adveco on stand 117


The apex of innovation and efficiency: Remeha launches the new Gas 120 Ace range

The apex of innovation and efficiency: Remeha launches the new Gas 120 Ace range

Pioneering heating manufacturer Remeha has launched the innovative new Gas 120 Ace, an exceptionally compact, ultra-efficient, floor-standing condensing boiler range with a new advanced heat exchanger and next-generation control platform.

The new Gas 120 Ace range, available in 65, 90 and 115 models, is a class-leading floor-standing boiler series that combines top-quality components with precision engineering to deliver outstanding heating reliability, efficiency and durability in an extremely small footprint.

Remeha’s new Gas 120 Ace, which directly replaces the Gas 110 Eco, has been completely redesigned around a monobloc aluminium heat exchanger that delivers robust, reliable, high operational performance. Delivering near maximum gross seasonal efficiencies and ultra-low Class 6 NOx emission levels, the Gas 120 Ace offers a high modulation ratio of 5:1 for improved boiler efficiency and longevity.

The new Gas 120 Ace is built on Remeha’s revolutionary Ace control platform to ensure optimum performance across the boiler’s lifecycle. A key feature is the all-new, smart controller that provides rapid, intuitive access to extended parameters via a clear, full-text, colour interface, enabling faster, easier and more straightforward installation, commissioning and maintenance.

At only 600mm wide, the remarkably compact and quiet Gas 120 Ace is designed to fit inside the smallest of plant rooms and is perfectly suited for use in space-saving modular configurations.

Easily-assembled in-line or back-to-back cascade options are available for up to four boilers, providing specifiers with more flexible design options while reducing installation time. There is also the opportunity to use pre-assembled plate heat exchanger and low loss header kits to achieve hydraulic separation on older heating systems.

Paul Arnold, Remeha’s Product Manager, said: “As we focus on reducing energy demand and waste, ensuring optimum heating efficiency must be a priority. Our new Gas 120 Ace is not only designed to achieve high efficiency and ultra-low NOx criteria, but to enable easier system design, installation and maintenance. With its compact dimensions, optional accessories and high 40°C temperature differential, it is the perfect heat source in both new and existing buildings.

“Crucially, the Gas 120 Ace is supplied with intuitive and enhanced boiler control. This will maximise efficiency across the boiler’s lifecycle, keeping bills low and comfort levels high. In-built 0-10V and volt-free contacts also provide direct connection to any Building Management System (BMS) for improved system control at no extra cost.”

The arrival of the new Gas 120 Ace series follows on the heels of the new wall-hung Quinta Ace range, placing Remeha firmly at the apex of innovation and efficiency. All Remeha products are supported by one-to-one expert advice and a round-the-clock technical support helpline.

For more information on the Remeha Gas 120 Ace range, visit:

Visit Remeha on the BAXI stand 400


CIBSE Patrons 

We are excited about working with CIBSE Patrons to offer a new interactive area within the event hosted by their representatives. 

The intention is for CIBSE Patrons to make a major impact by hosting meetings in this dedicated space which will enable them to meet many prospective members.

CIBSE Groups, Knowledge Generation Panel and others will be encouraged to 'book in' with CIBSE Patrons. 

As more details unfold we will publish the updates here, alongside the dedicated booking portal to go live soon.

Visit CIBSE Patrons on stand 515