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SEALIX® tap water unit defeat Corrosion and Scaling

SEALIX® tap water unit defeat Corrosion and Scaling

Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) are recognized in the HVAC business as a highly efficient heat exchanger technology. But scaling and fouling on the surface of BPHEs can Significantly reduce performance, in terms of drop in pressure and heat transferance.
Once surface scaling starts to develop, BPHE performance continuously declines until eventually it eventually fails due to clogging.

The losses due to the reduced heat transferred have not been fully monitored but a simple calculation indicates that performance is reduced by 20-30% with through initial scaling. Typically cleaning (CIP= cleaning in place) can recover some of the performance but the downside is that it also reduces the lifetime of the heat exchanger.
Sealix® is a functionalized coating technology which protects the surface of the BPHE from scaling with a hydrophobic surface structure (also known as Lotus effect). As a positive side effect, the metal surface is also protected against corrosion in aggressive water conditions which are typically critical for stainless steel and Cu.

About SWEP

SWEP is one of the world's leading suppliers of compact brazed plate heat exchangers. These products are used where heat needs to be transferred efficiently in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating&cooling and industrial applications. SWEP has approx.1000 employees and annual sales of 3 million units.

SWEP can be found on Stand 227


Sentinel will be exhibiting their KalGUARD and Corrosion Monitor SCU at London Olympia

Sentinel will be exhibiting their KalGUARD and Corrosion Monitor SCU at London Olympia

Approximately 65% of the UK is supplied with ‘hard’ mains water. When heated, it deposits limescale on heat transfer surfaces, internal surfaces of pipework and other system components. These deposits can compromise the efficiency of water-heating appliances and systems, ultimately making them more expensive to run. Furthermore, limescale is also unattractive when encrusted onto shower heads and taps, and can be unhygienic, providing a place for bacteria to hide.

Sentinel KalGUARD is a low-maintenance, cost-effective system to prevent limescale build-up in commercial hot water systems. Its technology is listed in the ‘UK Building Regulations Part L Building Services Compliance Guide’, and has been independently proven as an effective limescale inhibitor. KalGUARD offers an attractive Value Engineering opportunity, as one unit will protect an entire location. Easy monitoring of the Sentinel KalGUARD’s operation by programming the system into a site’s BMS.

Corrosion Monitor SCU provides simple yet advance warning of system corrosion, giving owners/managers of commercial heating systems much greater control over a common and expensive problem.

Intelligent sensor technology is employed to measure the real-time corrosion rate within the heating system and raises an alarm when corrosion exceeds acceptable levels, allowing for immediate preventative action. The product is simple to install on new and existing systems and includes free dashboard software in-depth analysis.

More and more, boiler manufacturers recognise the damaging effects of corrosion, with warranties sometimes invalidated if damage has been caused by poor water treatment and resulting corrosion. Sentinel’s Monitor, in combination with Sentinel chemicals to clean and protect, will ensure low corrosion levels are maintained throughout the life of the heating system, as well as enabling building owners to quickly identify any issues and act before costly damage is caused.

Sentinel can be found on Stand 205


Daikin Applied UK join the show

Daikin Applied UK join the show

Daikin Applied UK (DAPUK) (formerly known as McQuay UK Ltd) is the market leader in energy efficient Air Handling Units (AHU) and Chillers; both representing a comprehensive range of products. DAPUK specialise in large scale bespoke projects from data centres and hospitals to pharmaceutical facilities and process cooling.

With world leading end-to-end solutions for facilities managers and engineering professionals within the HVAC community, DAPUK offers an after sales service of full life cycle care through Daikin Applied Service, operating throughout the UK and Ireland.

DAPUK has an extensive manufacturing facility located in Newcastle, where a team of highly skilled engineers manufacture a variety of air handling units from the plug and play Modular heat recovery units to the larger fully bespoke design solutions. The UK manufacturing plant also provides a full supply and installation service across the entire product range and is supported by the head office in Rome, which is responsible for the manufacture of chiller products across Europe.

Across both product ranges, Daikin Applied UK is committed to R&D and has a long history of continually reducing the environmental impact of cooling, heating and refrigeration products. The company’s corporate philosophy is: “Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices”. This position has resulted in numerous pioneering solutions, including the world’s first high efficiency air cooled scroll chillers.

Daikin Applied UK can be found on Stand 425

PAROC®  ensures BS 5422 compliant pipe insulation designs with its innovative BIM tool

PAROC®  ensures BS 5422 compliant pipe insulation designs with its innovative BIM tool

PAROC®, the leading manufacturer of energy efficient and fire safe insulation solutions, has announced the availability of its new building information modelling (BIM) tool. The Paroc Plug-In has been developed to help architects, specifiers and consultants save time when designing systems to protect mechanical piping systems, allowing them to configure the correct thickness of stonewool insulation for compliance with BS 5422.

The PAROC Plug-In is a direct response to feedback the company received regarding the laborious nature of insulation specification within the BIM framework. John Watt, national HVAC specification manager at Paroc, explained, ‘Previously, each pipe had to be identified and analysed individually by taking its diameter, type of material, temperature of the transported medium and a number of other important criteria into account. This process took significant time and effort and, in many ways, went against the principle of BIM, which is to use digital technology to create more efficient and integrated ways of working during all stages of the construction lifecycle. In response, we set about designing a free to download tool to address these issues and maximise the potential of BIM for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.’

Using the PAROC Plug-In couldn’t be easier. The tool, along with the readymade BIM product libraries, can be downloaded from the Paroc website. Once downloaded it can be installed directly into the Autodesk Revit BIM software application and immediately used to configure the correct pipe insulation for a project.

Paroc can be found on Stand 424


Teekay Couplings are increasingly being specified for new pipe connections inside buildings.

Teekay Couplings are increasingly being specified for new pipe connections inside buildings.

With products typically rated at PN16 and suitable for connecting carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron and various different plastic pipe materials, they are the fitting of choice for consultants, contractors and clients alike.

With only two screws to fasten, Teekay Couplings can be installed quickly and easily without hot working. There is no special pipe preparation required – the coupling is designed to connect two plain-ended pipes together. Various gasket materials are available depending on the application: EPDM, NBR, HNBR, Silicone and FKM.

Project teams are selecting modular methods for the production and integration of piping systems and there is often a need to accommodate misalignment and angulation between piping modules. Teekay Couplings are flexible and allow for this tolerance.

For repair & maintenance contracts there are fully opening wrap-around repair products, stepped couplings and flange adaptors available for pipeline reinstatement.

All Teekay Couplings are manufactured in the UK and have been sold for over three decades to more than 85 countries worldwide for civil, water, oil & gas, marine, building services, process, automotive and countless other industrial projects for pipes between 21 mm and 4200 mm in diameter.

Teekay Couplings can be found on Stand S7


Adveco Introduces the FPi Range of Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps for Hybrid DHW Systems

Adveco Introduces the FPi Range of Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps for Hybrid DHW Systems

  • Delivers above average coefficient of performance to help reduce a building’s energy consumption and reduce operational costs
  • Perfect for hybrid DHW systems that help meet new carbon targets
  • Quick and easy to install and then maintain
  • See the FPi on stand 117 at CIBSE Build2Perform

Hot water and heating specialist Adveco, in partnership with Italian heating manufacturer Cosmogas, introduces the FPi range of commercial-grade Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP). The two variants, the FPi-9 and FPi-13, provide excellent levels of performance, especially throughout the UK’s relatively mild winters.

FPi delivers an easy to install method for commercial sites to achieve lower cost water heating or cooling. With sleek looks and quiet operation, the compact monobloc design is capable of providing domestic hot water (DHW) at up to 55°C, or cool water to -7°C for use in fan coils. 

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco, says, “The FPi range of ASHPs is perfect for combining with a traditional gas water heater and controls to create a hybrid system. Offering better compatibility with existing DHW distribution systems and the demands of higher thermal requirements. This approach provides the versatility to reduce operational costs while maintaining the higher water temperatures demanded by commercial DHW operations. A hybrid system built around the FPi can help businesses meet their carbon targets in the coming decade, while keeping running costs low.”

Due to advanced vector control technology that provides an accurate response to variable operational cycles throughout the year, the FPi range is able to achieve an above-average coefficient of performance (COP). Ranging up to a very high COP of 4.7, FPi ASHPs can make a real impact on a property’s energy consumption.  

The FPi range is virtually maintenance free, requiring simple, regular cleaning of the coil and filter. Sensors constantly check pressure and each unit is equipped as standard with frost protection, enabling them to operate effectively with excellent yields even if temperatures drop as low as -25°C.

Adveco/ AO Smith can be found on Stand 117



An Energy Reduction Strategy Plan is no longer relevant.

As part of managing buildings, it is important to keep operational costs and environmental impact to a minimum. This we do not dispute. Yet an Energy Reduction Strategy Plan focusses only on one output; its purpose being to detail how energy usage should be managed.

An Energy Reduction Strategy Plan prescribes a fix for energy reduction, rather than seeking a more holistic preventative cure across your building environment. A holistic approach that maps energy use statistics against occupancy patterns and well-being measures.

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Energy. Why it’s not the whole story.

We know that you have a lot of companies to visit at this years Build2Perform, but you should make time to stop by and see us, as we are confident we can re-energise your approach to estate management.

The AXON technology independent visualisation platform.

AXON enables clients, designers and building operators to

  • measure the performance of the building to validate design in use
  • improve occupier satisfaction and wellbeing
  • drive operational and energy efficiencies.


Visit AXON on Stand 234 to find out more

Contact the AXON team

AXON drinks reception

You are invited to drop by for a chat with the AXON team.

AXON is hosting the post-show drinks reception.

Tuesday 26th November - 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Outside the Headline Theatre 



Part of the successful Swan Group, Smith’s is part of a group with a long heritage in the Heating and Plumbing industry.

Part of the successful Swan Group, Smith’s is part of a group with a long heritage in the Heating and Plumbing industry.

The group, founded in 1932, has manufacturing sites in the US, UK, Asia with sales operations in North and South America, UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Smith’s has a history since 1991 of delivering outstanding customer service, providing products in the UK, North America, Asia and Europe. The business has grown from strength to strength and today offer versatile heating and cooling solutions based on fan convector technology to all commercial specifiers from architects and consultants, to major building engineering services companies and heating installers.

Their factory near Chelmsford, Essex manufactures almost all of their products, including the heat exchangers, meaning they are able to respond very quickly to customers’ demands.

At Build2Perform they will be showcasing the latest versions of their market-leading heat emitters using fan convector technology. The stand will feature recently updated Aegean Fan Coil which has been tested and verified by BSRIA and SRL Technologies.

They will have the new Caspian Fan Convector with Smart Controls. Caspian Smart Control is programmable 24hr, 5/2 day and 7 days, and it is also WIFI enabled so can be controlled via an app. Caspian fan convectors are suitable for heating light commercial buildings such as schools, hospital and healthcare buildings as well as offices.

Our latest range of Sargasso Radiant Panels will be displayed, demonstrating the clean lines of a ceiling mounted heat emitter.

Smith's will also be showcasing the newly updated Space Saver Plinth Heater which is perfect for domestic installations as well as suitable for Social Housing applications. With space becoming more and more of a premium in new-build homes Space Saver releases kitchen space for worktops and extra storage without compromising the heating.

Smith’s fan convector technology is compatible with most types of wet central heating systems, functioning equally efficiently with conventional boilers, biomass technology or ground or air source heat pumps.

Visit Smith’s Environmental Products Ltd on Stand 314.