Optimising Window Design for Wellbeing

24 Nov 2020
Health, wellbeing and safety

This session will discuss the important role of window design and operation in optimising ventilation for health and wellbeing of building occupants. The detail of window design and installation and the impact on health and wellbeing is often not fully considered in the design of buildings. This session will present an integrated, systems-thinking approach to windows and how they are controlled and opened. The presentations will explore the impacts of window design on thermal comfort, air quality, acoustics, daylight and the overall human experience of a building and will be followed by a moderated discussion. Evidence of outcomes and case studies will be provided. The session will be of interest to designers, building managers, developers, constructors and other built environment professionals.

What will I learn?

Building services engineers and other designers professionals will learn about the influence of window design on thermal comfort, air quality, acoustics, daylight and the overall human experience of a building. Contractors will learn more about the importance of windows to achieving key performance metrics for the building and delivering adequately ventilated buildings. Build managers will gain insights into the connections between window design and building performance and the impacts on user satisfaction.




Ashey Bateson, Partner & Head of Sustainability, CIBSE Vice President - Hoare Lea
Jessica Elliot, Project Technical Leader - Laing O'Rourke
Trevor Keeling - Buro Happold
Ben Abel, Technical Director and Head of R&D - Hilson Moran