Climate Resilience of Care Settings

23 Nov 2020
Climate adaptation

This pre-recorded session was first broadcasted on 22 October 2020 as part of the CIBSE #GrowYourKnowledge webinar series.

As a result of global climate change, the UK is expected to experience hotter and drier summers and heatwaves are expected to occur with greater frequency, intensity and duration. The UK also currently has a rapidly growing number of old people; older populations are more vulnerable to climate-induced effects as they are more likely to have underlying, chronic health complications, making them more vulnerable to heat stress.

This session will present emerging findings from the NERC-funded ClimaCare project. The principal aim of the project was to undertake preliminary work to develop methods that will support a system of care provision in the UK that is adequately prepared for rising heat stress under climate change. The project undertook pilot work in five care settings in the UK to monitor the thermal environment and conduct surveys with residents, frontline care staff and care home managers. Via detailed modelling work, methods to assess future overheating risks and to evaluate the effectiveness of overheating mitigation strategies were tested.


  • Anna Mavrogianni, Associate Professor in Sustainable Building and Urban Design, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, The Bartlett, University College London
  • Chair: Anastasia Mylona, Head of Research, CIBSE