CIBSE Climate Change - a Professional Response

25 Nov 2020
Climate adaptation

This session will provide attendees with an update on current climate change related initiatives, in particular what professional bodies are doing to embed commitments to climate change adaptation and mitigation into professional guidance, training, CPD and standards of professional practice. It will also look at what some professional bodies are doing themselves to reduce their emissions.

What will I learn?

This session will provide an outline of the CIBSE Climate Change Action Plan which describes the full range of measures CIBSE is taking in response to climate change and outlining the commitments CIBSE is encouraging all our members to take, including the commitment to promote the principles of sustainability and seek to prevent avoidable adverse impacts on the environment and Society in our Code of Conduct. The session will highlight the new guidance CIBSE is developing for members and others to use to enable them to respond to the net zero emissions commitment, and outline ways that members can be more involved in CIBSE’s knowledge generation programme. It will also show what other professional bodies are doing in response to climate change and how we are collaborating on this issue.



Katie Clemence, Senior Engineer and Partner - Max Fordham
Julie Godefroy, Technical Manager - CIBSE
John Kraus, Head of Sustainable Urbanisation - RICS
Benjamin Brown, Head of Policy and Insight - Landscape Institute