Guardian Water Treatment

Guardian Water Treatment will be exhibiting alongside corrosion monitoring experts, Hevasure. Guardian has recently become an exclusive partner of Hevasures, with the new relationship enhancing Guardian’s industry-leading service. The company can now offer customers unrivalled pre-commissioning cleaning and ongoing water system maintenance, extending usable life and cutting the costs spent on chemicals, consultants and laboratory sampling.

By monitoring the entire system using Hevasure’s 24/7 real-time system during pre-commissioning cleaning, the conditions liable to cause corrosion are caught before they become an issue, ensuring a water system starts its life in the best possible shape. Flushing and the overuse of chemicals is reduced using Hydrosphere’s smart flushing technology, cutting water wastage and improving sustainability.

Beyond pre-commissioning cleaning, Hevasure provides continuous data on a range of parameters, including dissolved oxygen levels, in order to identify potential corrosive and/or other conditions which may lead to inefficiencies and system failure. This approach saves money long-term thanks to better and more informed maintenance regimes, less reliance on expensive laboratory sampling and a reduced risk of breakdown.

Continuous monitoring data also means intensive sampling programmes aren’t required, reducing the need for external consultants – the customer has all the data they require to understand the condition of their water system, and the trends in water quality.

Guardian is committed to delivering a whole-life service, to ensure a water system is working at its optimum from the outset and continues to do so for the longest possible time and in the most efficient and sustainable way.