Professor Dejan Mumovic

Professor of Building Performance Analysis

Dejan is a building scientist with a background in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering and extensive experience of monitoring and modelling work in the field of the built environment. His research group’s main scientific contribution centres on three main areas, namely:

a) building performance analysis including the application and development of advanced modelling techniques utilising performance data and simulation as a design driver,

b) building stock performance analysis including the development of semi-empirical bottom-up physically disaggregated building stock models as well as top-down statistical modelling studies,

c) environmental and behavioural factors in non-residential sector in sustainable environmental design and engineering, including the impacts on health and performance.


Professor Dejan Mumovic will be speaking at:

TF3 Automated Concept Design

21/11/2017 15:45 - 16:30

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