Peter White

Public Health Design Consultants

Peter White is a Director of Public Health Design Consultants Limited, a company that he founded in 2015 to offer specialist public health advice to the construction industry. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Chartered Institution of Buildings Services Engineers and a Fellow of the Society of Public Health Engineers.

He has been working within the plumbing industry for over 30 years. Originally serving an apprenticeship within the family plumbing and heating business, Peter then qualified as a public health design engineer, something that he has now been specialising in for more than two decades.

Whilst leading the public health design group of a large UK consultancy firm, Peter began researching design methods for plumbing systems in tall buildings, which began a lasting relationship with Heriot-Watt University. Since then he has designed a number of 50-70 storey residential towers in the UK and has presented to the industry on this topic on many occasions.

Session Summary

This is a two-part presentation discussing the control of air pressure within drainage systems from both an academic and a public health design point of view. Focusing on the latest computer modelling techniques and their real world applications, the presentation explores the contradictions between US and UK tall building drainage design codes.

  • How is computer modelling enhancing our knowledge of airflow?
  • Trap seal loss detection and attenuating positive pressure
  • Steady state flow and current design codes
  • Are UK design standards adequate for tall building drainage?
  • UK case study of a 50 storey residential tower
  • ‘Point of need’ active devices in practice

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