Neil Parry

National Specification Manager

A time served Mechanical engineer, with distinctions in Mechanical Engineering. Neil spent 5 years working in research and development for a major valve manufacturer flow testing manual balancing valves and automatic balancing vales. 6 years were spent as a Technical Manager for a valve manufacturer giving advice on valve applications, valve sizing and system design . His career moved on the product management and included auditing factories, processes and sourcing products from countries such as America, India, China and within Europe and Eastern Europe. In the last 14 years Neil has been extensively working on district heating and heat network projects in the UK, but also across a number of other countries both in and outside of Europe. He has been conducting CPD seminars throughout the UK to Building Services Consultants for over 14 years on topics covering: Variable Volume System Design, Heat Interface Units and Central Plant Design, CHP and renewable energy systems integration and metering and aM&T Systems.

As Altecnic Limited’s National Specification manager Neil heads up their specification division looking after 5 external staff and 2 internal team members. His role includes conducting CPD seminars to Building Services Consultants on Heat Interface Units and Central Plant Design. He’s spent significant time in various Scandinavian, Central and Eastern Europe Counties looking at the country specific approach to district heating and working with Altecnic’s owners, Caleffi in the design of their district heating products. Neil has been a CIBSE member for over 5 years and had input on the CIBSE CP1 code of practice for district heating. Neil is on the BSRIA steering groups for HIU design, Heat Network design and DPCV design and is a UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) member and has worked with the HHIC and HWA steering groups on heat networks.

Neil Parry will be speaking at:

TL3 Efficient Heat Network Design and overcoming common network – By Altecnic

21/11/2017 16:35 - 17:20

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