Dave Matthews

Intelligent Buildings Group, Hoare Lea

Dave is the Partner responsible for Hoare Lea’s Intelligent Building Group.    Dave joined Hoare Lea in 2000 working on schemes in all sectors before concentrating on commercial and residential.  Dave became a partner in 2014 and combined likeminded skill sets to create the Intelligent Building Group.  The group consists of a collaboration of experienced, industry leading specialists. We bring much needed visibility between the many engineering disciplines on projects by promoting a collaborative methodology.  We design consolidated networks with a considered approach to facility and occupant user interfaces with a strategic approach to data reporting.

Key Points

  • The way we use buildings is becoming much more dynamic than ever before.
  • The energy consumption performance gap from design to ‘in-use’ is growing
  • Data Analytics and trend analysis can significantly improve the way buildings are used
  • Collection and coordination of this data is key
  • Digital security will become increasingly important.

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