Chris Grainger

Principal Policy Officer (Environment)
‎Greater London Authority (GLA)

Chris is a Principal Policy Officer at the Greater London Authority, the Mayor of London’s office for governing the strategic development of London and its 32 Boroughs. Chris leads London’s 2050 zero carbon roadmap, developing the underlying analysis and strategy direction to realise this ambition. A Chartered Engineer, Chris joined the GLA in 2016 from an engineering consultancy background. Having previously specialised in spatial energy and economic modelling, Chris has lead the consultancy input to projects including The City of New York’s 2050 greenhouse gas emissions pathways and National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios.

Chris Grainger will be speaking at:

WB2 Fresh thinking for the future – decarbonising the grid and delivering buildings that perform

22/11/2017 11:25 - 12:30

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