TB4 YEN Build2Perform Competition results & common themes

12:20 - 12:45

YEN Build2Perform Competition results & common themes

Jairo A Jaramillo will announce the winners of the YEN Build2Perform competition and will deliver some feedback on the common themes. There will be an opportunity for participants to quiz the team leaders on their chosen approach before the winning team is announced.

David Mather will summarise the morning and inspire the audience to look at their own work and the interactions they have with clients to push forward the importance of building performance.  

Team leaders

Carla Bartholomew, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Arup and Vice Chair and Honorary Secretary South West Region, YEN Global Vice Chair

Dwight Wilson, Digital Engineering Manager, Imtech Engineering Services and Co-Founder, DotBuiltEnvironment

Alexandra Logan, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Cundall


Competition judge

Jairo A Jaramillo, Senior Engineer, Hurley Palmer Flatt




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