The refurbishment challenges of heritage (pre 1919) buildings

12:15 - 12:40

The UK has the highest percentage of pre 1919 houses in Europe and we have tough carbon reduction targets for 2050. Energy efficiency and renewable energy generation can make a real, economic and tangible benefit to these buildings. In this session speakers will share their insights and approaches to adapting heritage buildings to be fit for the future.

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the building, its fabric, present and future use before deciding on any approach
  • Steering away from tech approaches as first resort and towards integrated fabric and systems solutions
  • Examples of using a existing building fabric and characteristics to best effect
  • Providing contemporary standards of comfort, amenity and fuel economy within historic interiors
  • Sustainable retrofit in heritage buildings
  • Reconciling contemporary detailing and service distribution within Grade I listed buildings
  • Ensuring end users are lead gently into energy efficiency behaviours to ensure successful energy efficiency and renewable generation projects
  • Ensuring end users are informed clients to ensure successful energy efficiency and renewable generation projects
  • What is the role of ‘off building’ generation?
  • Why Soft landings is critical in heritage buildings


  • Munish Datta Head of Plan A & Facilities Management - Marks and Spencer



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