TH3 The Biophillic Office

16:05 - 16:20

The Biophilic Office research project provides an evidence base for the benefits of biophillic design and its contribution to the health & wellbeing of workers; a proven design methodology for implementation; and a robust test for products in terms understanding their contribution to improved health & wellbeing aspects of a building renovation.

  • What are the kinds of interventions which have worked?
  • Improving connections to nature in buildings
  • Case study – refurbishment of BRE building
  • What impacts can biophillic design have on acoustics, lighting, IAQ?
  • What can data tell us about health & wellbeing in building occupants
  • What practical steps and cost-effective interventions can office owners take to improve the health & wellbeing of workers?
  • How can the benefits be measured and implemented into the decision-making process?
  • How can health & wellbeing improvements be attributed to particular products?




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