Why are building performance study findings routinely ignored? What needs to change?

13:00 - 13:15

Governments have tended to look to economics, contracts, markets, regulations and the construction industry to deliver more sustainable, cost-effective, low-energy buildings.  There is mounting evidence that expectations are not being met – the so-called design-performance gap.  Case studies of buildings in use had identified such problems years, sometimes decades earlier.  Why were these advance warnings not heeded?  How can we now move from Design for Compliance to Design for Performance in use?


–   Why do we design engineering systems and controls that so often turn out to be too complicated for their users?
–   Why are we poor at predicting in-use energy performance?
–   Should understanding and improving outcomes be a normal part of a designer’s job?
–   How do we close the feedback loops?
–   Are our procurement systems fit for purpose?
–   What are the implications for education and research?





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