TD2 How and why the three elements to the Building Performance Triangle impact outcomes in building performance

10:25 - 11:20

How and why the fabric is critical to outcomes

  • How do we assess the performance of the building fabric?
  • How does that interact with the assessment of people and services?
  • What can go wrong if you get it wrong
  • Identifying the goals
  • Measuring and monitoring

Speaker: Dr Nick Baker, Building Physicist (Cambridge University, retired)

How and why the people are critical to outcomes

  • How do the people affect the services – and the fabric?
  • Identifying the goals (including the problem of poor goals)
  • Encouraging “good behaviour” (reducing the demand on services)

Speaker: Tobit Curteis, Architectural Conservator, Tobit Curteis Associates

How and why the services are critical to outcomes

  • How do you best build the design of services into the programme of works? (Masterplanning: early input, close working, Soft Landings)
  • Working with the other specialists
  • Understanding the regulations and other special constraints for historic buildings – how to find out?
  • Designing with flexibility
  • Integrating modern tools to cut energy use but increase building usability
  • Underfloor heating (why it’s not all about air temperature)
  • Heat pumps and PV
  • MEES fear in retrofit
  • Ventilation – PassivHaus, EnerPHit
  • Problems in assessing energy use (what happens when improvements bring the building into greater use?)

Speaker: Innes Johnston, Senior Partner, Max Fordham




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