High rise buildings on the up: What do the building services look like?

13:15 - 14:20

1.High Rise Drainage Design:

Offering both an academic viewpoint and also that of a public health design engineer, this presentation will look at control of air pressure within drainage systems and how computer modelling techniques can be utilised to solve real world issues such as detection of trap seal loss and attenuating positive pressure in high rise buildings.

2.Electrical distribution, energy efficiency, the proposed changes to the IET Regulations and their effect on high rise buildings:

This presentation will centre on the use of energy within high rise buildings, how it can be efficiently distributed and used. It will highlight some thoughts on how distribution systems may change, particularly in the light of LED lighting and the use of DC distribution and will address the proposed changes to the 18th Edition of the IET Regulations which will incorporate energy efficiency measures.

  • Could Power over Ethernet help distribution?
  • What are some different uses for high rise buildings?
  • How can renewable energy be used in high rise buildings?

Breakout Session in Guild Room on Mezzanine level.


  • Steve Vaughan Chair, Society of Public Health Engineers and Regional Director, AECOM


  • Bill Wright Head of Energy Solutions - ECA
  • Peter White Director - Public Health Design Consultants
  • Lynne Jack Professor and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design - Heriot Watt University


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