Are you ready for a digital future?

10:25 - 11:20

The digital transformation of construction heralds innovation in both processes and new ways of working. What do those innovative ways of working look like, and how should building services engineers be adapting?

  • What new value offerings are being generated by digital engineering?
  • How is technology evolving the role of building services engineers?
  • What are the new capabilities of technology coming on stream, and how will those alter what a client is willing to pay for?
  • What is the designer’s interface with data?
  • How will next generation tools be determining who needs to be working on what and when?
  • Using data to analyse performance
  • How will digitisation be addressed within contracts and insurance and liability frameworks?
  • Will real-time feedback fundamentally change our project design and delivery?
  • Internet of Things; how does the ability of a building system to talk in real-time affect our design decisions?
  • Advanced analysis; can we look at the building components as multi-tasking objects? E.g. can the structure carry cooling energy?
  • Are rules of thumb updatable by buildings feeding back data to compare against our assumptions?
  • Are we actually freeing the engineer by using technology, or increasing the things they need to do?


  • Les Copeland Chair, CIBSE BIM steering group and Director - WSP UK


  • Dave Matthews Partner - Intelligent Buildings Group, Hoare Lea
  • Dwight Wilson Digital Engineering Manager - Imtech Engineering Services London & South
  • Mike Darby CEO & Co-Founder - Demand Logic
  • Casey Cole Managing Director - Guru Systems
  • Alex Maclaren Professor in Architectural Design, Heriot-Watt University, and Group Member - dotBuiltEnvironment


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