What the world could look like if all buildings achieved best engineering outcomes

14:30 - 14:50

What do the benefits of good building performance look like? If all buildings worked the way they should and our homes and offices were designed and built to perform as well as the best that have been built, we would have a very different life experience. At home we would expend only one tenth of energy staying warm and comfortable; we would not worry that our poverty would ruin our health . The improved well being of our staff in the workplace would deliver a happier and more productive workforce. What is not to like about an efficient building? Its purpose is to make us well, in the best way possible, with minimum waste of resources.

  • ​Managing energy in buildings across cities
  • How can buildings contribute to the challenge of climate change?
  • Integration: how integrating heating systems; cooling systems & electrical supply can boost building performance beyond the sum of its parts
  • How can buildings feed into the energy supply system?
  • What do the benefits look like?​



  • Andy Ford Professor of Systems Engineering in Built Environment at London South Bank University and CIBSE Past President - London South Bank University


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