Fellows session: Unwritten rules of building services

Wednesday 22 November 9.15 – 9.50am

CIBSE Fellows will discuss those ‘unwritten rules’ that they feel are essential in their work. These rules, which underline their work, but are not explicitly taught or written in a Guide. They will explore how they know that their assumptions are correct and calculations are in the right area – the intuitive rules they have learnt through their experience working within the industry.

The session will be introduced by Geoff Prudence, Chair of the CIBSE Fellows Network, who will introduce the theme and discuss the importance of good leadership and role models for the new generation of facilities managers and building services engineers.


Geoff PrudenceChair, CIBSE Fellows Network, CIBSE FM Group


Les CopelandChair, BIM steering group and Director WSP

Chris TwinnPrincipal, TwinnSustainabilityInnovation

Philip KingDirector, Hilson Moran