During the conceptual design phase, engineers employ simulation tools to assess the performance of their designs whilst meeting the code/standard requirements. In case of large scale structures, CFD tools have been proven vital to assist the decision-making process and produce sustainable design solutions that offer optimum microenvironment to users. In this presentation, we will explore one way towards the wind environmental neutrality in sports stadiums using coupled CFD-Response Surface Methodology multi-objective optimisation tools.

ANSYS Discovery is an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials, physics, and instantaneously see 3-D results

This CIBSE seminar is provided by Pegler Yorkshire “a highly commended CIBSE CPD developer”, The Dynamic Hydronic Balancing solution seminar provides an overview of system balancing technology, with great focus on the rapidly growing Dynamic balancing application. The seminar delivers the basics from understanding terminology to the more advance explaining units of measure, equations and how a (PICV) pressure independent control valves work in application. The seminar will discuss typical products and associated tools you may find to support contractors and consultants alike …..Supporting the delivery of building objectives.



The main focus of the presentation is to talk about the IoT building… but what does IoT actually mean?

Is it simply the next buzz word of the industry, following on from BIG DATA & the CLOUD?

In fact, it actually goes beyond that and certainly expands beyond the Building Services Industry. But it can also be interrupted in a number of different ways depending on how it is perceived. It already exists today in everyday life – smartphones, office equipment such as printers & copiers, even modern-day cars, are all devices with the capability of being connected to the internet 24/7, providing them with the ability to exchange date and critical information through web-based services.

Presented by Joe Timms

How CIBSE can help the regions, groups, societies and divisions use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar for committee and technical meetings including good practice tips.


Presented by Lucy Bamber
Discover how to raise the profile of your CIBSE organisation by using best practice marketing across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Presented by Lucinda Watts, CIBSE

Find out what CIBSE is doing to comply with the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018 and how this will affect your group, region, society, network or division.


Presented by Gillian Francis

Need support on your journey to professional membership? We can help!

CIBSE are launching a mentoring scheme in 2018 focused on helping you to achieve professional membership and registration. Come and find out how a CIBSE mentor can help you. There will be a short presentation followed by a Q & A session with a CIBSE mentor and the advice from the CIBSE membership team.


Heating and cooling combined make up the largest energy uses in buildings, but are also acknowledged as the hardest services to decarbonise and manage effectively. Indoor air quality and environmental conditions are critical to health, well-being and productivity, yet HVAC systems often get overlooked when it comes to driving innovation in building services and delivering better buildings. Visit Build2Perform Live on Wednesday 22nd November at Olympia to listen to Ashley Bateson and Debbie Hobbs discuss ‘how we can do things better’ from both the designer and user perspectives, and learn how you can get involved in this new group to deliver real change.

‘I am delighted to see the launch of this long-awaited special interest group on HVAC systems. We can often overlook the importance of these core services, and how better specification, design and operation can deliver huge benefits for building performance. Continued advances in information technology, sensor systems, and innovations in thermal engineering have the potential to transform these systems. This group will help our industry develop better systems thinking and cross-disciplinary working, and ensure that best practice and innovation is shared across the sector.’ Tony Day, Chair HVAC Systems Group


A seminar about developments in HIU technology and the new BESA test Standard

  • Heat Networks – Where are we now?
  • How does HIU performance & sizing impact on heat network efficiency?
  • BESA Test Standard Overview
  • Space Heating Test
  • Dynamic DHW Performance
  • The role of the Keep Warm / Stand-by Function
  • VWART Calculation – A benchmark for HIUs
  • Other Key Considerations